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Promising to be the hottest check-in point in Central Vietnam

Hue tourism always attracts people in a very unique way. From The mysterious mausoleum, the check-in place at the majestic An Dinh palace, visiting the brilliant Xuan Thuy incense village, or watching the poetic Perfume River, walking the Trang Tien bridge are all interesting experiences loved by many people.

And even more interesting when coming here, in Hue, there is another new place for visitors to explore.

Check-in locations in Hue (Photo: vietnamdulich, @nhungphamm, @minhieu.yfr, khamphahue)

That new place is Hue Imperial Citadel night street, also known as Hue pedestrian street, which is about to be opened in the near future.

Many tourists and people in Hue are eagerly waiting for April 22, 2022, the day that The city will officially open a night street at the famous Ngo Mon Square. The operating time of this street is from 19h – 23h, only open every Friday and Saturday.

Walking street recreates an ancient Hue ancient capital space with many traditional craft activities. In addition, visitors can walk around the city to admire the scenery, experience interesting folk games and enjoy the folk dishes sold here. The bustle but still retains the nostalgia of the Hue Imperial Citadel nightlife as a new breeze in the city’s nightlife besides the modernity in the Western Quarter.

People are counting down to the opening day of the pedestrian street in Hue: Promised to be the hottest check-in point in the Central region - Photo 2.

To prepare for the pedestrian street to be put into operation, the city has repaired and embellished 4 main roads surrounding Hue Citadel for people to easily visit here.

Evening in Hue will be bustling with the appearance of this brand new pedestrian street. After a tiring walk, visitors can go to the banks of the Perfume River, the square to watch Ky Dai light up.

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