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Quang Ninh does not sell tickets for 7 sports at the 31st SEA Games

Quang Ninh Province offers free tickets for 7 sports at the National Stadium SEA Games 31 for fans to come to the field to cheer for the home team.

On April 20, information from People’s Committee of Quang Ninh Province This locality does not organize ticket sales for 7 sports at SEA Games 31, so that fans can comfortably enter the stadium to cheer for the home team, but must ensure epidemic prevention regulations.

Quang Ninh offers free tickets to 7 sports at SEA Games 31


Quang Ninh is the locality that organizes many competitions at the 31st SEA Games after Hanoi, with 7 sports, including: beach volleyball; beach handball; triathlon (swimming, racing, running) will be held at Tuan Chau international tourist area (Ha Long City); subject Soccer women was held at Cam Pha yard (Cam Pha city); indoor volleyball held at Dai Yen Multi-Purpose Gymnasium (Ha Long City); chess at Legacy Yen Tu Resort; chess at the Palace of Planning, Fair and Exhibition in Quang Ninh Province (Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City).

As planned, Quang Ninh will welcome more than 1,700 people from different countries to attend the 31st SEA Games, including 978 athletes. Up to now, the competition venues in Quang Ninh have been completed.

The field of volleyball is continuously screened with sand, ready to welcome athletes to the tournament


Exchange with Youtha representative of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province said that in order to create a hot atmosphere at the 31st SEA Games, this locality decided not to sell tickets.

In addition, Quang Ninh has completed the preparations for the 31st SEA Games, at the competition venues decorated with flags, banners, miniatures…

The delegation of ASEAN countries came to survey in March and highly appreciated the preparation work of Quang Ninh province


Particularly for Cam Pha Stadium, where the women’s football competition is held, Quang Ninh province has spent over 240 billion VND to complete the pitch and roof for stands A and B of Cam Pha Stadium; adjust the pitch size according to international standards; replace the pitch with specialized grass; additional automatic watering system; supplement, adjust the watering system of the yard and surrounding drainage…

Presently Cam Pha Stadium With a capacity of 16,000 seats, it promises to create a fiery atmosphere at the 31st SEA Games.

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