Raising cows was really effective, but at that time HAGL lost its liquidity, how could it be possible to sell any cows that were forced by the bank?

Participating in the chairmanship of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of HAGL Agrico (HNG), Duc elects shareholders to support the agricultural plan of the new leader, Mr. Tran Ba ​​Duong – Chairman of Thaco. Although, it is expected that the difficult business situation will persist and the loss is forecast to reach VND 7,773 billion in 2023.

“HNG’s cow farming strategy is very large, currently has thousands of cows, but it has only been piloted. So it can’t be done quickly, slowly but surely.

In my opinion, you should support Mr. Duong’s strategy, he has invested a lot of money to build a lot in Laos, Cambodia… That’s clear to me, if Mr. Duong sees a risk, why do you spend a lot of money? that’s okay.

Raising cows was really effective, but at that time HAGL lost its liquidity so it couldn’t be done, how could a bank sell a cow to squeeze its debt. So raising cows is actually very effective“.

Having also studied and identified cow farming as a key strategy, from his point of view, he affirmed that Thaco did more carefully than the previous plan; and with such a methodical investment, it is only a matter of time.

“One man stumbles and rushes. The other man walks firmly, does it carefully, and is well-known for having money. The way Mr. Duong does it, I think it’s slow but sure. If I hug HNG again, the HAGs will also be broken.

With Mr. Duong, working for a few years but trying to lose money is not profitable. But for HAGL, if it takes half a year, that’s it.” elected Germany said.

It is known that, after discussing many options and coming to the final decision, at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on January 8, 2021, elected Duc decided to withdraw from HNG and focus only on HAG. In its new journey, HAG will focus on 1 tree – 1 animal in the immediate future and is expected to bring the profit back to trillions from 2022.

Bau Duc also frankly shared about selling all of HNG’s shares, because HAG now needs money to get up. In 2022, in the HAG – HNG relationship, it will be completely separated in April because there are still many assets that have not been separated before. “But now, the two sides will have to separate, and calculate how much HNG will pay HAG, it will be resolved next month. I’m a pig and a bunch of bananas. Duong is stronger, sometimes 2-3 trees 1 cow”, he talked with shareholders of HNG.

Having ceded the agricultural company to a new owner, and Thaco re-investigated cow farming as well as planted some quality industrial crops, Bau Duc said that the prospects were great.

According to the report, after taking over to manage all production and business activities of HNG, Thaco has assessed the current status of orchards, facilities and technical infrastructure on all projects. of HNG in Laos and Cambodia results. As follows:

+ In Laos, the total land area is 27,383 ha, the planted fruit tree area is 10,075 ha, of which Banana is 4,180 ha with 20% good garden area, 52% medium garden area and 28% garden area. bad.

Pineapple is 158 hectares; Other fruit trees (mango, jackfruit, pomelo, coconut) are 5,737 hectares, most of the irrigation system is not methodical, the gardens have not been leveled, but mainly planted according to natural terrain.

The remaining rubber area is 17,308 ha, of which 42% of the garden area is capable of exploiting latex, the rest are bad orchards, underdeveloped trees, unable to exploit latex.

+ In Cambodia: the total land area is 8,375 ha, of which the area planted with fruit trees is: 1,924 ha, (Banana: 476 ha, Mango, Jackfruit: 1,448 ha). The remaining rubber area is: 3,603 hectares, which are leased to farmers for exploitation. The area of ​​dead rubber and fruit trees is 2,848 ha. Through the survey and actual assessment, the project at Rat – OYD is not suitable for growing fruit trees due to the hilly terrain and inconvenient transportation.

Here, HNG is settling a land legal dispute with 12 villages on a total disputed area of ​​742 hectares.

Therefore, in 2021, HNG has focused on investing in urgent items to serve production, including: 2 main pumping stations; 2 central reservoirs, 3 feeder reservoirs and 2 irrigation lakes; 22Kw medium voltage power line; traffic road; renewing 2 banana packing workshops; 67 construction vehicles and transport vehicles.

After more than a year of reviewing and assessing the current situation for the overall planning and formation of agricultural complexes, HNG continues to set investment and business goals for the period of 2022 – 2023 as follows:

+ To renovate and upgrade fruit orchards in accordance with the planning; Continue to convert inefficient orchards and rubber trees to banana, pineapple, mango and cow raising;

+ Synchronous investment in technical infrastructure (irrigation, electricity, traffic), works on the land (packing workshops, general warehouses, workers’ houses, offices and staff houses); mechanized machinery and equipment;

+ Investing in barns, raising cows, producing organic fertilizers.

Particularly in 2022, the Company will invest in synchronous technical infrastructure and works on land for production: including 17 km of water pipe/channel system; 2 central lakes, 3 transit lakes, 7 irrigation lakes; 10 km of embankment to prevent flooding; upgrade 30 km of power lines, invest 28 km of roads; 1 packing workshop and 768 houses for 3,000 workers; Invest in 34 construction motor vehicles, transport vehicles and many other agricultural equipment for mechanization. Newly planted 315 hectares of pineapples to continue breeding for 2023.

Total planned investment in 2022 is: 905 billion VND; Investment capital is expected to continue to borrow from Thagrico. As of March 31, 2022: the amount Thagrico has lent to HNG is VND 720 billion.

Confirming with shareholders, Mr. Tran Ba ​​Duong emphasized: “Since I took over, since then I have not bought or sold any HNG shares. There is no such thing as relying on stock prices to earn anything from here”.

According to him, large-scale farming is not easy, and the period from 2022-2023 will be even more difficult than in 2021. However, the management said that it will try to have HNG start from 2024. better profits. hang-siet-no-luon-thi-lam-sao-noi-20220419085459662.chn

According to Tri Tuc

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