Reduce “stress” and develop yourself with positive inner dialogue

It is easy to see that inner dialogue will change your stress level. Inner dialogue – how your inner voice feels about the world around you and how you communicate with your inner self – profoundly affects stress levels in many ways .

If your inner dialogue tends to be negative, you’ll see life events as more stressful than they actually are. That causes needless stress and anxiety. At the same time, you will also attribute negative motives to people who are inherently kind, or underestimate their ability to handle problems when confronted. Everything in life is viewed by you in a negative rather than positive way. From there, you won’t be able to access a less stressful “bright perspective” just because of your negative inner dialogue habits.

Besides, negative thoughts that keep repeating will make you give up. Such thoughts waste time and bring unnecessary stress from the past to the present. And that leads to the fact that there is no solution to those problems. On the other hand, the habit of negative thinking often originates in childhood.

Stop the inner dialogue

Here are ways to avoid falling into negative inner dialogue and use your mind to boost your productivity, self-esteem, and relieve stress. If the methods below don’t work, you should consider consulting a therapist who specializes in cognitive behavior to come up with options to help change negative and distorted thinking patterns. matter matter.

Note about the “trails” in thinking

The first step to change is to be more aware of the problems you are facing. You yourself may not realize how often you are falling into a loop of negativity, or letting their influence over your experiences. The following strategies will help you become more aware of your inner dialogue and its implications.

Write diary

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Take a journal with you at all times and jot down negative comments bit by bit as you think about them, writing down general summaries of your thoughts at the end of the day. Or simply start writing about how you feel about a certain topic. The next step is to review and analyze their content. Journaling is an effective way to help you discover your inner voice.

Think of the phrase “Stop”

When you find yourself saying negative things in your head, stop the flow of thoughts by using the phrase “Stop.” Saying this phrase out loud also gives you the strength to do it. Plus, saying this phrase out loud helps you realize how many times you’ve had to stop thinking negative thoughts.

Tie an elastic band at the wrist and “flip”

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One trick is to wear a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you become aware that you are having a negative inner dialogue, pull the elastic band against your skin.

It will hurt a bit and have some negative consequences while also making you more aware of the thoughts that are present and stopping them. On the other hand, if you don’t want to attach yourself to a rubber band around your wrist, you’ll have to take extra care to limit negative thoughts.

Replace negative affirmations

One effective way to stop a negative habit is to replace it with something of more positive value. In this case, you are aware of the inner dialogue going on in your brain, here are ways to change it.

Use mitigating language

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“Words can be encouraging and they can also be destructive. Choose the words that are best for you.” – Robin Sharma

If you’ve been to the hospital, you’ve probably noticed how the nurse used the word “discomfort” instead of “pain”? That’s because the word “pain” evokes a stronger feeling. In general, this phrase makes your sense of pain worse instead of using the phrase “discomfort”.

You can use this strategy in your inner dialogue effectively. That’s because changing from negative language to “neutral” will help “neutralize” your thoughts.

From a negative state to a neutral or positive state

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“The more I focus on the positive, the more positive my life becomes.” – Julie Anne

If you find yourself thinking about what you’re complaining about, think again about what you’re assuming. Are you assuming it’s a negative thing when it’s not?

For example, your plan was stopped at the last minute and it feels bad. However, you can think in terms that you are having more free time and freedom to do something. The next time you find yourself overwhelmed by a problem or you just don’t feel up to the challenge, stop and consider if you can offer a meaningful alternative. neutral or positive or not.

Move from self-limiting affirmations to questions

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Self-limiting statements like “I can’t do this!” or “That’s impossible” seriously affects our thinking. That’s because they add to your pressure on the situation, and they also prevent you from finding a solution. The next time you find yourself thinking about limiting the possibilities of a situation, turn it into a question.

Questions like “How would I do it?”, “How likely is that?” wouldn’t that give more hope and open up the imagination of the possibility of something happening? On the other hand, you should also develop yourself through positive inner dialogue and bring abundant energy into your own life. Surround yourself with positivity so that your mindset stays positive and becomes better.


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