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RMIT lecturer accused of sexually harassing female students: What does the school say?

RMIT Vietnam University has recorded an allegation related to an RMIT employee sending offensive photos and sexually harassing female students and is conducting an investigation to clarify the matter.

According to a post on the school’s student group, a female student accused a teacher in the school of sending offensive and sexually harassing photos of her during her class in 2020. Specifically, the lecturer sent friend invitation with words to share about “artistic passion”.

During the talk, the lecturer expressed his desire to share with the female student about “his artistic life” through his nude photos. According to the accusation, the lecturer even suggested having sex if the students wanted and hinted that he was always available. In addition, the poster also accused the lecturer of wanting to tutor a female student with both foreign languages ​​and “other things”.

However, after a while, the lecturer texted and introduced the foreign language center he managed. Out of curiosity, the female student came to see and was shocked to discover that the central rule read “I understand that teachers only wear sneakers and socks. I will see their whole body as part of the teaching method.” “.

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The table of rules is offensive

Exchange with VietNamNet, RMIT’s communications department said it had noticed an allegation involving an RMIT employee posted on social media recently. The school is taking the necessary steps to verify and clarify the matter in accordance with the school’s policies and values.

“We take all reports of misconduct by school staff seriously and are conducting an investigation. At RMIT, the physical and mental health as well as the safety of students and faculty is always a top priority,” said a representative of the communications department.

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