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‘Russian doll’ Maria Sharapova is about to have her first child

In a surprise announcement on the personal page social network Instagramone-time tennis queen Maria Sharapova, commonly known as ‘Russian doll’, said she is about to have her first child on the occasion of her 35th birthday.

Maria Sharapova career retirement tennis in February 2020 after being successful with 5 times world Barty stunned when he announced his retirement at the age of 25″>Grand Slam and a collection of all four of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of tennis.

'Russian doll' Maria Sharapova is about to have her first child - photo 1

Maria Sharapova announced her first child on her personal page


During her career, Maria Sharapova has earned nearly 40 million USD in prize money and is one of the typical faces of the world tennis village.

However, after retiring, Maria Sharapova almost separated from all tennis activities, but encroached on the business field, as well as the entertainment industry. She also lives mainly in California, USA, and dates business man Brit, Alexander Gilkes, 42, since 2018 but has only recently made it public.

Recently, Maria Sharapova said she was pregnant and about to give birth to her first baby through the status line: “Precious beginning!!! Eating birthday cakes for two has always been my favorite.” Attached is a photo of her showing off her pregnancy standing on Malibu beach.

The revelation that Maria Sharapova is about to have a baby makes the tennis world full of excitement. Many people expect her first child in the future to also follow a tennis career to continue to compete with the daughter of tennis player Serena Williams, 4-year-old Alexis Olympia, who is also following in her mother’s career.

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