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Russian Navy exercises in East China Sea

Russian Navy exercises in the East China Sea - Photo 1.

The Russian destroyer “Admiral Panteleyev” has left Vladivostok with an oil tanker to carry out missions in the Asia-Pacific region – Photo: AFP

Specifically, the Russian frigate Admiral Panteleyev took part in the above drills in the context of increasing tensions between Russia and the West over the hostilities in Ukraine. However, it is not clear when the drills took place.

According to the announcement of the Russian Pacific Fleet, during the exercises in the East China Sea, the Admiral Panteleyev ship of this fleet protected a medium-sized oil tanker off the coast from an air attack by a simulated opponent.

The Admiral Panteleyev is a Udaloy-class destroyer that has left the port of Vladivostok to carry out a mission in the Asia-Pacific region. Earlier, Sputnik news agency reported that at the end of March, the Admiral Panteleyev ship exercised with the Ka-27PS helicopter in the East China Sea.

According to SCMPChinese military experts assessed this exercise to show the air defense capabilities of the Russian navy, after the guided missile cruiser Moskva – the pride of the Russian navy – sank. in the Black Sea.

Ukraine said it hit the ship with a missile, while Russia said a “fire” broke out and exploded the ammunition depot on board and it sank while being towed into port.

Beijing-based naval analyst Li Jie said: “Russia is concerned that its oil tankers may be seized due to Western sanctions. The accompanying warship can protect the tanker by timely detect and intercept enemy air targets”.

Former Chinese military colonel Yue Gang said that the Russian navy’s drills were aimed “to show the US and its allies that Russia’s crude oil trade is sacrosanct” and to counter Western sanctions imposed on Russia’s oil exports.

In addition, this exercise also follows the previous large Russian military exercises on disputed islands near Japan and in the context of rising Russian-Japanese tensions over the hostilities in Ukraine.

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TTO – The Greek coast guard said on April 19 that it had detained a Russian-flagged oil tanker off the island of Evia, as part of European Union (EU) sanctions. to Russia because of the Ukraine problem.

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