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Saigon doctor collaborates with Vinh Long to revive two patients

The delegation of Thong Nhat Hospital (HCMC) on the way to Vinh Long to work, received news that 2 patients in this local had an acute myocardial infarction, requiring urgent intervention.

Associate Professor Nguyen Van Tan, Head of Emergency Interventional Cardiology, Thong Nhat Hospital, said that the delegation of 8 doctors and nurses went to Vinh Long Provincial General Hospital on the afternoon of April 18, to participate the next morning. The ceremony to put into operation the DSA (vascular intervention) system. When the car approached My Thuan bridge, about 15 km from Vinh Long Hospital, the delegation received a call from a colleague here reporting two patients with acute myocardial infarction, requiring urgent intervention.

The first was 66 years old, had colon cancer and had surgery for about two years; The other patient is a French man who has traveled to the locality with a history of hypertension. Both were admitted to the hospital because of severe chest pain, sweating… The doctors of Thong Nhat Hospital immediately consulted remotely, instructing colleagues to perform the preparation steps for the patient before the union. where to intervene immediately.

The intervention team of Vinh Long Hospital, guided directly by Associate Professor Ho Thuong Dung, Deputy Director of Thong Nhat Hospital, in collaboration with experts, successfully treated two patients. After revascularization intervention, they all recovered well.

Doctors in the intervention room.  Photo: Provided by the hospital

Doctors and nurses in the intervention room at Vinh Long Provincial General Hospital on April 18. Image: Hospital provides

Acute myocardial infarction is a cardiovascular emergency with dangerous complications, if not treated promptly, can quickly die. The disease occurs because the artery supplying the heart is blocked in a certain branch, causing the myocardium to progress to necrosis, easily leading to heart failure, arrhythmia, cardiogenic shock, cardiac arrest, and sudden cardiac death. The disease can occur at any age, the common manifestations are chest pain, shortness of breath, heart arrhythmia… Accordingly, coronary intervention in the first hours is considered the first treatment measure. .

Associate Professor Le Dinh Thanh, Director of Thong Nhat Hospital, said that human resource training and technology transfer, including coronary intervention to local hospitals, are part of the project of the Ministry of Health. economic. Currently, Thong Nhat Hospital has successfully transferred coronary intervention techniques to a number of localities such as Phu Yen, An Giang… In addition, in the past two years, Vinh Long has also sent a team of 6 doctors and nurses to visit. Thong Nhat Hospital studied, purchased equipment and DSA scanners to perform this technique locally.

“Technology transfer has helped many critically ill patients save their lives during their golden age, reduce mortality, and reduce referrals with the risk of cardiac arrest on the way to hospital,” said Thanh, adding that it also helps saving costs, increasing expertise for doctors, meeting the increasing demand for coronary artery disease examination and treatment of people in provinces and cities.

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