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Shocked when her husband has an affair with a man

What if one day you found out that your husband is bisexual? They always affirm that they love you, but still open up to another man because they think that’s living true to their gender. Just imagining it gives me a headache, but this story is completely true with a woman through her sharing on Reddit.

“Today I will make things clear. Yes, my husband is bisexual.” The woman opens her story frankly.

He loved both men and women, but before the marriage and after, I never knew that fact. Six months ago, my husband suddenly told me that he had something important to tell me.

I was shocked when he said these words. Our married life so far is extremely happy, and also very normal like many other couples. But he secretly had an affair behind my back, with another man.”

Shocked when her husband had an affair with another man, discovering his identity was even more surprising - Photo 1.

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Her husband is also a classmate in high school. They knew each other from the most innocent years of 17-18 years old, and their feelings became more and more attached get married together. When she was with her, her husband was always an exemplary and manly husband. He’s also great at sex and makes her very happy.

But now, her husband has confessed that he is bisexual, and has secretly had an affair to satisfy his natural sexual orientation. But he insists that he doesn’t cheat often, but only when he gets too drunk and loses his mind. He still loves her the most and wishes her not to divorce him.

In the end, he revealed that the person he was having an affair with was a male friend who was a childhood friend of the two. He really made her go from one shock to another.

The woman was extremely surprised and dumbfounded by the facts about her husband’s gender and adultery. But it cannot be denied that she still loves her husband dearly.

“He and I have known each other for more than 20 years. Our family is also very close. I can’t imagine my life without him.

So I forgave him after he honestly confessed to me. Honestly, I don’t even know when he cheated because he always comes home on time. He was also very happy when I told him that he wanted to have a baby for him.

Two weeks ago, our childhood friend who had an affair with my husband was kicked out of the motel. My husband wants to let him stay in the house for a few days to find a new place to stay. I agreed and set some conditions between my husband and that friend. Surprisingly, when we live together, there is no abnormality between the two of them. It seems that we are still three best friends since childhood.

But then last Saturday night, we had a party and my husband drank a lot of alcohol. He said he wanted to go to bed early. But when I walked into my bedroom, I saw my husband and friend doing what-you-know-what. I was so shocked that I stood there for a few minutes until I regained my senses. I ran out of that scary room and the tears didn’t stop.”

Shocked when her husband had an affair with another man, discovering his identity was even more surprising - Photo 2.


The next morning, the husband with a sorrowful face kept apologizing to his wife. He blamed his drunkenness on losing control. The woman asked her husband to leave the house for a while so that she could calm down and reflect on everything. And the other friend had to leave to find another place to live. When she was alone in the house, she packed up her husband’s belongings and planned to kick him out when he returned.

But, the irony is that the wife found out she was 6 weeks pregnant and this baby is definitely her treacherous husband. But she still decided not to change her decision. She was wrong when she accepted to let her husband cheat once, only to have it happen again in her bedroom.

If she ignores it again this time, I don’t know how the future will be despised by her husband. Hope this woman will always be strong and have a lot of luck on the difficult road ahead.

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