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Stocks keep falling vertically, what do experts say?

Sharing with VTC News on the morning of April 20, securities expert Hoang Viet Cuong said that there are many reasons why VN-Index dropped sharply in the last two trading weeks.

“Investor confidence declines due to the arrest of a series of entrepreneurs, tight control of credit in real estate or negative information about large enterprises is spreading are the main reasons causing the market to fall deeper than the forecast”. Mr. Cuong said.

Stocks keep falling vertically, what do experts say?  - first

The reason VN-Index lost nearly 120 points in the last two trading weeks caused the market to fall into a state of anxiety.

In addition, there may also be a phenomenon of margin call (margin or margin loan) in many stock groups, making the trading situation on the market become more negative.

According to experts, the pressure of mortgage settlement from the Securities Company and some investors with weak sentiment selling may cause VN-Index continue to go backwards in the next few sessions.

Similarly, the group of experts from Stock BIDV (BSC) also thinks that the market sentiment is still tilted to the negative trend. VN-Index may continue to correct to 1,380 points. But with VN-Index touching the support level of 1,400 points again, investment cash flow will soon return.

The market’s long-term trend assessment is becoming more negative, however, analysts from AseanSC expect that the market will soon have technical recovery sessions in the near future, especially when the VN-Index has closed. into oversold territory, and has also seen a discount of more than 9% since the most recent peak.

According to experts, in the afternoon session of April 20, the bottom-fishing demand at the support area near 1,390 – 1,400 points can help VN-Index recover to test the resistance area near 1,410 – 1,420 points and beyond. is the resistance zone of 1,430 – 1,440 points. However, the shaking may take place at high prices, making VN-Index likely to narrow its gaining momentum towards the end of the day.

In the current context, expert Hoang Viet Cuong recommends that investors be patient and wait for the market to recover. In the same opinion, according to experts from SHS Securities, with the current psychological state, the market is likely to soon form a short-term bottom and recover.

Investors should not continue to sell because the market may soon recover. Those who bought in the previous session within the support zone of 1,400 – 1,425 points continue to hold the portfolio and may increase the proportion if the market continues to discount to more attractive price ranges.

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