Stop auctioning 9 rural land lots with ‘heavenly’ starting prices

Before, Tien Phong There were a series of articles reflecting that the People’s Committee of Duc Tho district (Ha Tinh province) held an auction of 9 land lots in Lam Trung Thuy commune with a high starting price, while the infrastructure was not completed. Specifically: A plot of land with 2 fronts, an area of ​​​​262.21m2, has a starting price of 4.7 billion VND. The remaining 8 lots, with the same area of ​​160m2/lot, have a starting price of 3.5 billion VND.

Duc Tho District People’s Committee held an auction of 9 land lots at the end of January 2022, but there was no record of participation because the starting price was too high. The representative of Duc Tho district said that this is the price based on the current market. However, according to the leader of Lam Trung Thuy commune, when the above land plots were planned, the local government advised the price to be just over 1 billion VND/lot when put up for auction.

After the first auction is unsuccessful, according to regulations, the locality can continue to open the next auction. But due to some problems, Duc Tho district has suspended the auction of the above 9 land lots.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho – Chairman of Lam Trung Thuy Commune People’s Committee confirmed the information, and explained: According to regulations, the infrastructure must be completed before it is offered for auction. But this planning area does not have infrastructure, the commune does not have enough conditions, so the auction must be stopped.

Stop auctioning 9 rural land lots with prices starting in the sky' - Photo 1.

9 land lots in Lam Trung Thuy commune temporarily stopped auction.

“Currently stopping the auction. As required, the planning area must be built, but the commune has not been able to do it. Infrastructure makes high costs, must have a collection road, drainage ditch system, while the locality is not qualified. Afraid to do it and then put it up at a high auction with no participants,” said Mr. Tho.

According to research, in addition to the above reasons, the suspension of the auction of 9 land lots in Lam Trung Thuy commune is also because this is the land attached to National Highway 8A. Exchange with Tien PhongMr. Nguyen Anh Duc – Vice Chairman of Duc Tho District People’s Committee said that the district has stopped auctioning 9 land lots. Recently, there are regulations that provincial roads and national highways must be collected, especially approved by the province.

Stop auctioning 9 rural land lots with sky starting prices' - Photo 2.

9 plots of land in Lam Trung Thuy commune have high starting prices.

“Now we have to redo the process. The starting price must also be determined. The ability according to regulations is not auctioned like the previous round. Now it is said to do the process to propose the province, but it has not been submitted yet. Currently, the District People’s Committee has directed to suspend the auction of this land,” said Mr. Duc.

It is known that, in addition to 9 land lots in Lam Trung Thuy commune, recently 12 plots of land in the planning area of ​​Nha Lay Tren in Duc Tho town were also put up for auction for the second time. However, only 5 lots were successful. As for the lots priced at 4 billion VND or more, there are no records to participate.

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