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Tay Ninh’s uncle spent more than 10 years making “tree cars”, was paid 500 million but decided not to sell

Having appeared around the roads in Ninh Son ward (Tay Ninh City), recently, Mr. Vo Van Tiep’s car fleet (60 years old, living in Ninh An neighborhood, Ninh Son ward) has attracted attention by Homemade engine and “unique, strange” posture, 1-0-2.

Derived from a love of nature and a passion for creativity, Mr. Tiep designed his own cars to relax. The owner often uses a 6-seater car to take his wife to sell salt and hang out near the house.

Uncle Tay Ninh spent more than 10 years making tree cars, was paid 500 million but decided not to sell - Photo 1.

The car is more than 13 years old with a roof covered with green leaves and yellow flowers.

Talking about the process of creating this car, Tiep said:I use the engine of a 110cc motorbike, the shell is made from an old car. Many people ask about the value of the car, but this is a passion, so now I spend 1 dong, tomorrow 1 cent won’t count, but it’s a lot of work..

That day someone in Lam Dong asked to buy this car for 500 million, but I decided not to sell it. In the near future, I will make my own 16-seat car for anyone who wants to buy it again“.

The highlight of this car is a 13-year-old tree planted right at the front of the car, their roots are shaped into the driver’s seat and the passenger seat. Around the car is a set of ornamental plants and flowers that were planted by Mr. Tiep more than a year ago.

To feed these plants, he regularly watered, prune and place soil in the inner tub of the engine.

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Close-up of plants and flowers on the car.

In addition to a 6-seater tourist car, Mr. Tiep is also the owner of 2 strange cyclos. This product was also created by him for 9 years from a tree that is about 10 years old.

Seen from a distance, the birth tree bears the shape of a cyclo covered with leaves. The canopy is about 70cm wide, the trunk is about 75cm high. The whole roots and branches bend to form a covered seat on a very sturdy and beautiful bicycle.

Although they are all homemade cars, their owners must think about safety to serve themselves and their families.

Source: Unique Binh Duong

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