Thai rapper’s Coachella performance makes mango sticky rice crazy

The most attractive thing comes from Coachella This year, you are probably craving Thai mango sticky rice.

Rapper Danupha “Milli” Khanatheerakul, the first Thai artist to make a solo appearance at the California music festival, started a craze for the country’s iconic dessert as she ate spoonfuls of it between verses. during his show on Saturday.

“Who wants mango and sticky rice?” The 19-year-old boy shouted into the crowd while singing a song called the dish. The song skewered stereotypes about Thailand (“I don’t ride an elephant”) and criticized the government, having challenged by several waves of protests.

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Interest in desserts has grown in Thailand since Milli’s show.

Mango sticky rice recipes and memes have been popular on Thai social media, while online searches for “mango sticky rice” have increased 20-fold, according to Google Trends.

For many people, seeing a Thai artist eat a beloved local dish on the global stage has been welcomed.

“I like Milli eating mango sticky rice [onstage] great number of. Since I’m also Thai, I’ve known and eaten mango sticky rice since I was a child,” Nongnapath, a 25-year-old digital illustrator living in Bangkok, the Thai capital, told NBC News through an app. message.

“I…don’t know what [foreigners] think about this dish. So I think Milli eating mango sticky rice on the Coachella stage is… very powerful,” said Nongnapath, who is like many Thais.

Even foreign embassies in Thailand have jumped into the mango sticky rice race.

The US Embassy posted a digitally altered photo of Mount Rushmore on Tuesday showing the four former presidents in the statue eating dessert.

“These former Presidents want a piece of this amazing mango combo too!” the Facebook post read.

Sweden’s ambassador to Thailand, Jon Astrom Grondahl, also rated the popular dish in a video on his embassy’s Facebook page on Monday, rating it 9/10.

Its standout moment could also solidify mango sticky rice as part of Thailand’s national identity. Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said the Ministry of Culture could find a way to have it recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, according to The Bangkok Post.

However, the impact of dessert’s skyrocketing popularity goes beyond appreciation for delicious food.

“MILLI aka Thailand’s closest hope for soft power!” Thai politician Pita Limjaroenrat wrote on Twitter on the Sunday after her show.

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