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The 700%/year “super” loan line lurks in the shadow of a self-driving car rental contract

The “super” loan line with interest rates up to 700%/year, led by 932-year-old Nguyen Anh Tuan, also known as “Tuan To”, and 15 juniors were arrested by the Phu Tho Provincial Police. Through exploitation, many sophisticated tricks to appropriate the target group’s assets have been exposed.

Twenty-six cars were purchased by Nguyen Anh Tuan as a bank mortgage, but the subjects forged documents to sell on the market to make a profit. In addition, the subjects also wrote a complaint about the loss of their car to the police station to turn themselves into victims.

In addition, the police agency also seized dozens of motorbikes and thousands of documents related to the high interest lending activities of the target group. According to the investigation documents, when someone needs to borrow money, this group will not lend money directly, but require borrowers to sign contracts. self-drive car rental, bring the car to sell or pledge to get money. The target group will keep the deposit equal to half to 2/3 of the car’s value.

A super-profitable loan line of 700%/year hiding in a self-driving car rental contract - Photo 1.

Subject Nguyen Anh Tuan.

“I rent a car to customers and deposit an amount of 50 million to 140 million to appropriate,” Nguyen Anh Tuan confessed.

When it comes time to repay the loan, this group will cut off contact for the borrower to overdue the contract, and at the same time scan through the car-mounted locator to recover the sold cars. At this time, the borrower will lose the deposit because the contract is over, have to pay the car rental, pay interest up to 700%/year and face criminal charges of fraud and appropriation of property. In case they cannot collect them themselves, the target group writes a report and asks the police to collect them for them.

“When the police investigation agency received the news but did not follow Tuan’s wishes and requests, Tuan found loopholes, pressured the complaint letter, exceeded the superior, caused difficulties and pressure, obstructing the investigation agency”, Colonel Nguyen Minh Tuan, Deputy Director of Phu Tho Provincial Police, said.

Tuan and his accomplices also have a new trick that is to hire someone to buy a self-driving car, then mortgage it to a bank and then sell it to Laos and Cambodia to get the difference and the whole responsibility to the bank is not real. now,” said Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Quang Hoa, Deputy Head of the Criminal Police Department of Phu Tho Provincial Police.

To expand the scope, the target group has recruited many centipedes in many different provinces and cities, set up websites to buy, sell and rent self-driving cars to find people in need. This group also regularly changes phone numbers, installs a breaking system in the house to avoid recording and avoid detection by investigative agencies.

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