The closer you get to the U50 threshold, the lazier to do 4 things, natural luck will come, a quiet life with less market

Until you reach the threshold of U50, when you have experienced enough in life to know what you need and know how to manage things around, you will be able to enjoy your old age.

Be lazy to do the following 4 things, luck will come naturally.

[01] Lazy thinking about money

Money is an external thing, especially when it comes to middle age, even if you try to hold it, it will only be like smoke in the end, you can’t take it with you at the last moment.

There are many people who work too hard and carry economic pressure for the rest of their lives, just wishing that their old age would be more relaxed. But the closer to middle age, not everyone knows “enough” to stop. On the contrary, they are more hurried on the path of fame, career and fortune.

Many cases have exhausted their strength, old age must pass in sickness and illness. Such a thing is not uncommon in recent years. However, most people still consider it an accident, sighing.

Living in life, those who do not have a house or a car must continue to strive. Those who already have it want more. After taking care of their own lives, they want to take care of their children. Therefore, making money is never enough.

But health is not enough. Overtime, staying up at night, pressure, stress become everyday things.

At that time, many people forgot the original goal when pursuing money was to lead a better and more comfortable life. If the body doesn’t allow it, there’s no benefit in having more money.

Therefore, entering middle age, put less emphasis on money and pay more attention to and care for your body. With that, a new life is longer and more sustainable.

The closer you get to the U50 threshold, the lazier you are to do 4 things, natural luck will come, a quiet life with less marketing - Photo 1.

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[02] Lazy to “tell stories”

Speak carefully and in moderation is the number one factor in living a less pretentious life.

There is a saying: “Speaking long, speaking long, becomes foolish”. Those who talk too much are bound to make mistakes. If you speak maliciously or maliciously, it is easier to bring disaster to your body.

The older people are, the more brave they are, the more they have to know how to control themselves. In which, controlling your own words and words is extremely important.

A wise person knows how to be quiet, but laugh a lot, often listening to others. With this, the surrounding environment is more harmonious, and interpersonal relationships also become better.

[03] Lazy to sit idle, leisurely and leisurely

After turning 50, people start to have more free time. Putting the burden of work aside, many people forget their daily routines. They just sit around doing nothing all day long to kill time.

Currently, sitting causes more than 3 million preventable deaths worldwide, accounting for 6% of all deaths, each year. It is the fourth leading cause of death from non-communicable diseases, and it is also responsible for 21–25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of diabetes cases, and approximately 30% of breast cancer cases. ischemic heart disease.

Many studies show that sitting a lot in any position such as: desk, behind the wheel, in front of the screen …., can be harmful. Medical costs in the US due to sedentary lifestyle amount to nearly 24 billion USD annually.

Therefore, even if middle age doesn’t have too much to do, everyone should get up, walk, and exercise lightly. Discover personal interests that you have forgotten during your youth, learn to interact and interact with people around you.

This also helps middle-aged people not get lost in the “mental crisis” of loneliness and helplessness. They will find new meaning, new motivation to pursue in their life.

The closer you get to the threshold of U50, the lazier to do 4 things, natural luck will come, a quiet life with less market - Photo 2.

[04] Lazy go fast, run fast

Falls are one of the leading causes of disability in the elderly. The consequences of falls are often very serious, causing major injuries to the skin and bones.

At this stage, the body’s ability to recover is reduced. A small injury can also lead to many consequences behind, completely affecting daily life. Common injuries can be femoral neck fracture, skin hematoma, even brain hematoma.

Therefore, when half of life has passed, people should focus on being leisurely and calm in each action. Limit going fast, running in a hurry no matter how important things are to prevent careless and unfortunate cases.

In particular, middle-aged people should also limit walking in places that are easy to slip and fall, such as climbing mountains, walking in mossy areas, areas with slippery water, etc.

“Be careful without fear”, the more careful we are, the better we can protect our health. This also helps people to enjoy their old age more comfortably and comfortably.

When our health is full and complete, even if we have a little more or less material things, we can still live with a light burden of worries, without being entangled by defilements.

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