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The ‘fight’ directly determines the French presidential election

According to Reuters, the only direct match between the two candidates will start at 19:00 GMT on April 20 (3am Vietnam time on April 21).

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President Emmanuel Macron (right) and far-right rival Marine Le Pen are the two candidates who reached the “final” voting round of this year’s French general election. Photo: RTL

For Ms Le Pen, who is lagging behind Mr Macron in opinion polls ahead of a second round of voting on April 24, the face-to-face debate is her chance to show she has enough scope. stature to become president and convince more voters that they should not be afraid to see the far right come to power.

“Fear is the only argument for the sitting president to try to stay alive at all costs,” Le Pen said in an April 19 campaign video, accusing Macron of being embarrassed. the meaning of a presidency held by a far-right politician for France.

For incumbent President Macron, by contrast, the biggest challenge may not be to avoid appearing arrogant, which many voters criticize him for, while delving into the holes he sees in his plans. policy of rival Le Pen and promote his 5 years of experience in power.

“The French now see her as a possible presidential candidate, unlike 2017. Now we have to prove she’s going to be a bad president,” said a source close to Macron. revealed that the incumbent president would oppose Le Pen’s plans and prove them “inconsistent and impractical”.

When Macron and Le Pen first competed for the French presidency in 2017, the debate turned disastrous for the far-right anti-immigration and EU-sceptic candidate. (EU). She mixed messages and lost her position, while the debate allowed rival Macron, an inexperienced candidate at the time, to convince voters he was fit to be leader. goverment.

Many things have changed since then. The centrist, pro-EU president still leads in opinion polls, but the gap with Ms. Le Pen is much narrower than in 2017. Also, since Mr. Macron has been in power for five years, Ms. Le Pen can now attack what he has done.

However, Mr. Macron also has its own advantages as unemployment in France is now at a 13-year low and its economy is growing faster than that of other major European countries, even if it is not. inflation is rising. In addition, the fact that Ms. Le Pen has publicly admired Russian President Vladimir Putin could work against her at the present time.

Analysts say the key for the two candidates now is to try to win the support of left-wing voters.

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French presidential election opens with dramaVoters across France went to the polls for the first round of presidential elections on April 10, with far-right candidate Marine Le Pen believed to pose an unexpected threat to President Emmanuel Macron’s re-election hopes.
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