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The future mother-in-law is discharged from the hospital, she opposes our wedding

More than a week ago, my boyfriend Hung, informed that his mother had a very serious accident, on the way from the countryside to the city for emergency care. At that time, I was about to have a meeting but still had to cancel to go pick up future mother-in-law.

During the week he was in the hospital, all the money for the treatment was paid for by me. Although the work at the company is very busy, I still spend an hour every day to visit. After he was discharged from the hospital, I took him home to take care of him until his health recovered.

Last night, my boyfriend’s mother ate the first meal at my house, because I wanted to make a good impression on him, I gave Hung 3 million to make delicious dishes for guests. However, during the meal, he did not move his chopsticks, just ate rice with a little soup. I picked up a piece of fish roe, but rejected it on the plate harshly and said I didn’t like to eat it.

After eating, Hung took the bowl to wash, I peeled the fruit to invite him, but he did not want to eat. I was so angry that I asked him directly if he had something to say, don’t get angry and upset.

He said he wouldn’t let us get married. Hearing what he said, I was startled and dropped the knife that was peeling fruit on the table. Hung can get me like “rice satay mouse“, I asked impatiently why? Uncle said that if Hung married me, he would suffer many disadvantages.

I was surprised, I don’t know who is more disadvantaged than who. Loving each other for 3 years now, how much money can Hung put in his pocket or send back to his hometown to give to his parents? His car was bought by me, the house he is living in is my own money, I still have all my money every month. Living expenses. He must be very lucky to fall in love with a good girlfriend who earns 500 million a month. So where did Hung come to me suffering?

Uncle said that it was because I was too talented that I was not suitable for Hung. He was very upset when he saw that I sent Hung from one job to another without touching anything. I don’t want my son to be helper mine.

My work is very busy, while Hung is free, he has to support me. Why can’t he understand me? What should I say to make my boyfriend’s mother sympathize with my work?


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