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The “hot movie queen” now chooses a quiet and peaceful life

20 years ago, people called Thu Ky is the “hot movie queen”. At that time, the covers of the tapes with the image of Shu Qi in sexy clothes were hunted all over the entertainment district in Hong Kong.

People also used countless vulgar words to talk about that woman, a woman with sweet love eyes and sexy sexy lips.

The current life of the female star with the sexiest indifferent lips in Cbiz: The woman who drives the showbiz island crazy chooses a peaceful life without children with

Regarding her past, Shu Qi has never denied one day: “I’m not angry when people say that I used to act in high school movies, without the me of the past, there would be no me of the future. the process I’ve been through, I won’t deny the past.”

Shu Qi in the present, is no longer the 20-year-old girl with black hair and red lips, her spring features are also replaced by time marks on her face. The thick curly black hair of the past is now silver, reminding someone that time has truly passed.

But, Shu Qi in the present is still brilliant, still shining like the way she once stirred up the Hong Kong entertainment industry many years ago.

Peaceful marriage with “friend”

Thu Ky and Phung Duc Luan are longtime friends, their love is built on a friendship relationship. Going through turbulent love stories, they are all tired of old wounds and yearning for peace.

Both Thu Ky and Phung Duc Luan, they realized that they didn’t need an earth-shattering love story, they simply woke up in the morning and saw each other, three meals a day together, quietly holding hands and walking along the beach, next to each other. 4 spring, summer, autumn, winter, cook each other meals, give each other a cup of medicine.

The current life of the female star with the sexiest indifferent lips Cbiz:

In 2016, Thu Ky and Phung Duc Luan became a husband and wife in the surprise of many people. Unlike the flashy luxury of showbiz, the two held a very simple wedding with the participation of 20 guests who were relatives and close friends of both. The media said that the wedding ceremony only lasted 15 minutes.

In fact, for them, a wedding is inherently a story of formality, it’s complicated or simple, long or short, it’s just the way outsiders see it. As for themselves, they think that being together for a long time is marriage.

The current life of the female star with the sexiest indifferent lips Cbiz:

Like many marriages in showbiz, after 6 years of being together, Thu Ky and Phung Duc Luan could not avoid the scrutiny of the media. However, they still choose for themselves a private and quiet life. The two rarely appear together or show affection in the media. Once, Thu Ky and Phung Duc Luan were also involved in divorce rumors due to the lack of children, emotional rifts, and little interaction on social networks. However, the image of the two walking together is probably the most accurate answer to the rumors.

Aura of a Queen!

Shu Qi once said: “When a woman meets a good man, she can live her whole life without growing up”. And perhaps the marriage with Phung Duc Luan helped Thu Ky not need to grow up. Together not in their twenties, they know what to cherish in their marriage.

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Every time she appeared on the cover of VOUGUE magazine, netizens had to exclaim about Shu Qi’s class.

At the age of 46, Thu Ky is still a hot and sexy woman in the entertainment industry. The indifferent lips that once captivated men are still full of the sexy old days. Occasionally appearing at showbiz activities, but every time Thu Ky is present, she causes a media storm.

The pictures on the cover of the magazine that have not lost their form have shown the “sharpness” of Shu Qi no matter how many years.

The current life of the female star with the sexiest indifferent lips Cbiz:

Outside, they rumored that Thu Ky and Phung Duc Luan were about to break up because of their long marriage and no children. But it seems that “the owner” does not care much about these rumors. On her personal page with more than 40 million followers, Shu Qi day by day shares stories from dog and cat rescue teams and volunteer activities.

She chose to give love to life in such a way.

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