The problem of sugar baby and prostitution has changed in Chinese showbiz

After passing the prequalification round like a beauty contest, they have to pay a training fee of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“My 4 years of university were a series of days covered with branded goods, being transported by luxury cars under the admiring glances from classmates.

People think I come from a family background, but I’m actually a sugar baby, flaunting myself with a man’s pocketbook. But that was only the initial flashiness, my subsequent days were all tragic.” Young model Tieu Ly shared with Shaanxi Daily.

Practicing sugar baby made Tieu Ly lose her career when a hot clip was spread online. Bad experiences with rich men help her realize that behind a life of luxury lies a series of unpredictable dangers.

Couple of men who are old enough to make money

In Shaanxi Daily, Tieu Ly said she came from a family with parents who were farmers. Poor economic conditions make it difficult for female students to enter art schools.

“At the academy, everything uses money, and a lot of money. My family is so big, the cost of living is less than 1/3 of my friends’ money. I struggled to not lose myself. surname”Tieu Ly said.

Knowing Tieu Ly’s plight, a senior took her to meet men – known as “the genius” of Tieu Ly. schoolgirl art school. Here, Tieu Ly is looked after by a 50-year-old businessman, who has a family, and promises to provide a house and money if she accepts to be his secret lover.

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Tieu Thien plunges into secret relationships with rich, elderly men while still a student. Photo: Qtree.

“That man said that as long as I meet his needs for 2 hours a day, I will live in a luxury apartment in the middle of Beijing, get a luxury car, give me luxury goods, and receive high-quality cosmetics. monthly allowance of 520 USD. Because I need money to invest in myself to enter showbiz, I agree.” Tieu Ly said.

According to Tieu Ly, up to 70% of female art school students in China participate in the sugar daddy, sugar baby brokerage ring. The girls who go first will introduce newcomers to the group so that they can get a “matchmaking” commission if the sugar daddy and the person they are interested in pair up successfully.

Tieu Ly admits that art school students have poor family conditions like her, most of them rely on selling beauty to the rich to change their lives. Thus, meeting and dating sugar daddy is slowly becoming a profession for young girls.

“They have what we don’t have, which is money and relationships. Without knowing them, it’s hard for a young student like me to become a star no matter how talented I am.” Tieu Ly said.

Young actress Tieu Thien shared that her life completely changed when entering a sugar dating relationship (love-money relationship between rich, elderly sugar daddy and young girls).

She married a giant U60, who owns a chain of companies in the field of online business after uploading her image and name on the web to find a rich boyfriend.

According to Tieu Thien, in addition to the agreement to pay the monthly living expenses, the sugar daddy also pledged to provide her with an additional 78,000 USD/year. The generous upbringing makes Tieu Thien fall in love with young students like her earning this level of income in Shanghai.

Embarrassment scene

After 4 years of engrossed in enjoying a luxurious life, Tieu Ly discovered that she had a sexually transmitted disease. In Shaanxi Daily, the female student said that the moment she received the doctor’s diagnosis, she knew her life was ruined. Tieu Ly had to pause her studies and quit her new role to treat her illness.

Not only that, Tieu Ly was also secretly filmed by her sugar daddy and shared with rich friends. In the group chat, they made obscene comments about her. When Tieu Ly questioned, she was threatened by her lover to release a hot clip on social networks.

This man said that Tieu Ly is a pastime for gentlemen, easily thrown away like garbage at any time.

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Mr. Tu Ham was accused of dating an old giant from the age of 18.

“I feel pain and regret. It all taught me how big a bad decision can be.”Tieu Ly said. The young female artist quit acting when the clip with the giants and the news that she practiced sugar baby was spread online.

Tieu Thien was violently abused by giants in the process of going back and forth. Like Tieu Ly, young stars do not dare to accept new films for fear of revenge from insiders. She was once jealous and threatened by the rich wife for destroying other people’s families.

The beauty Ong Tu Ham was discovered to be a pair of men worthy of his father’s age after becoming famous. She has been working as a sugar baby and prostitution since she was 18 years old. According to Taiwanese police, Mr. Zi Han was later arrested overseas.

According to the police, her transaction price is more than 60,000 USD/guest. After the incident broke, she was boycotted from showbiz.

While models Thanh Thanh and Duong Boi Boi ended their artistic career early because they were caught with illegal sex acts when entering a hotel with a rich lover.

Transformational prostitution service

According to People’s Dailya ring of young girls giving themselves, older men paying, is flourishing in China despite the ban by authorities.

Authorities identified the form of “sugar baby – sugar daddy” as a disguised prostitution, hiding in a closed group on social networks with the principle that only the members’ acquaintances can join.

People’s Daily said that there are thousands of matchmaking groups to buy sex in the form of “adoptive father – adopted child”. According to the source, to enter the club, sugar baby – sugar daddy all have to pay fees according to their needs.

The more money the brokerage spends, the greater the chance of making a rich man or a beautiful, pure young girl.

The person behind the operation of the secret group does not interfere in the transactions of sugar daddy and sugar baby. They only charge management fees from 100 USD to hundreds of thousands of USD to classify customers.

The agreement and the subsequent allowance the sugar babies receive are not shared with the middleman.

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Phuong Vien’s wife Quach Phu Thanh or Luna Tuyen Van Phan Vy Ba’s wife was married into a noble family thanks to the service of training sugar baby to become a good bride. Photo: Sina.

For beauties aiming for “sustainability”, who want to become a rich wife instead of a temporary relationship, there is also a direct brokerage service to meet them.

In 2021, the furnace for hunting rich husbands of Taiwanese madam Ngo La Phuong was revealed through Vuong Tu Thong shocked Chinese public opinion.

The motto of this furnace is “Don’t treat your future husband as a lover, but treat them as a boss”. They advocate to turn girls into ideal models in the eyes of men when they get to the living room, down to the kitchen, know how to be polite and beautiful.

Female practitioner Anna said that a furnace like Ngo La Phuong’s operates in secret with strict input selection criteria to avoid “error goods” and being touched by the police.

After passing the preliminary round like a beauty contest, they have to pay training fees of hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on plastic surgery, body management classes, communication or cooking.

After 2 years of training, qualified girls will be taken to meet rich and famous celebrities. During this time, the amount of support they received from the men had to be divided in half with the furnace, and the gifts had to be shared by other practitioners.

“Don’t call us hookers. They make their money by having a relationship with a long-term or short-term caretaker. We’re more advanced. At first a student like me can be a sugar baby to keep the rich man company, but the main purpose is still the ‘golden turtle’ stick. If we’re not sure, we won’t spend the night with them.”Anna told ETtoday.

According to Zing

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