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The reason why many overseas Vietnamese choose plastic surgery in Vietnam

Quality and aesthetic cost in Vietnam

Currently, many overseas Vietnamese tend to return home to beautify. This is also the reason why Vietnamese doctors are constantly learning and updating the world’s most advanced beauty technologies and techniques. As a result, many cosmetologists in Vietnam have professional skills that are not inferior to those of doctors from countries with developed beauty industries such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, UK, France, USA,…

In addition to skilled doctors, domestic cosmetology facilities have constantly innovated, imported modern materials, equipment and machines to meet the increasingly diverse beauty needs and high quality requirements. from customers.

bac si phau thuat lam dep cho mot viet kieu anh saigon star 0adad3d388e9419490df3f3073af88f8
Plastic surgeon for an overseas Vietnamese. Photo: Saigon Star

Along with that, the cost of plastic surgery in Vietnam is also more reasonable than in many countries. At the same time, the quality of care services at domestic cosmetic facilities is no less dedicated and considerate. An overseas Vietnamese who chooses cosmetic services in Vietnam shared that the cost of beauty treatment abroad is 3-4 times higher than in Vietnam. In Vietnam, the cost of doctors and assistants is not high, with high-quality materials. and the origin is clear, so many people are assured of beauty.

Saigon Star – “stopover” attracts many overseas Vietnamese

During the years of operation, the cosmetic clinic of Saigon Star Beauty Salon Co., Ltd. has gradually made its mark with customers. In it, BS. Nguyen Huu Hoat is an expert with many years of experience in the field of cosmetic and facial shaping. According to BS. Hoat, he has participated in repairing more than 15,000 cosmetic cases for domestic and overseas Vietnamese customers, including difficult and severely damaged aesthetics that have been successfully “handled” beyond expectations.

khong chi viet kieu khach nuoc ngoai cung tim den bshoat de chinh sua nhan sac anh saigon star 39403a12109644a09b9150931cd10dac
Not only overseas Vietnamese, foreign guests also come to BS.Hoi to edit their beauty. Photo: Saigon Star

BS. Hoat always strives to be at the forefront of updating new cosmetic trends in the world, in many specialized fields: body plastic surgery, face shaping. BS. Hoat is also one of the pioneers in applying advanced Korean rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, etc. technology, materials imported directly from the US. In particular, BS. Activity also flexibly applies ingenious techniques such as art, intelligent application and Vietnameseization according to the trend from time to time, bringing the expected shape of nose, eyelids, breasts, and natural beauty to many customers. row.

bac si hoat tien phong ung dung sun surgiform cua my anh saigon star 7d6190f62d6946069903af8887987e30
Doctor Hoat pioneered the application of Surgiform cartilage in the US. Photo: Saigon Star

According to BS. Hoat, over the years, the number of overseas Vietnamese returning home every Tet holiday to him has been huge. Many appearances have been reborn and possess harmonious beauty. Besides, the professional service quality, along with the long-term care and warranty policy, is also an important part to help attract overseas Vietnamese customers to him.

Saigon Star Beauty Salon – Saigon Star Beauty Center

License from Ministry of Health: 04498/HCM-GPHD

Address: 400CD Le Hong Phong, Ward 1, District 10, HCMC

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