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The sister-in-law invited me to the opening party of the new branch and gave me the application form, which confused me and hurried home

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Hello Sunflower,

I unemployment 2 years now. The economy in the house is earned by her husband. That’s why you’re cool despise his wife. Whenever my husband and I quarrel about money, I cry and tell my sister-in-law. We are very close.

My sister-in-law is the opposite of me. She is talented, active, rich. Almost every month, my sister-in-law gives money to my children to buy milk or clothes. Currently, she has just opened a new branch.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law held a branch opening party. My wife and I attended. Full of luxurious, rich guests, a different world from mine, so I was very confused. Then my sister-in-law gave me a job application form. She asked me to fill out the information, sign it and give it to her. My sister-in-law invited me to the new branch to work as a service area staff manager. Monthly salary is about 15 million.

I was very surprised. Unexpectedly, my sister-in-law created job conditions for me. But I was confused and bewildered. I want to go to work, but I am afraid that when working together, I will become a subordinate of my sister-in-law. Then related to money and work (like I did the wrong job, didn’t get the job) what if my sister-in-law looked down on me?

Because I was lost at the party, my wife and I made an excuse to leave early. I have not discussed this with my husband because I am still confused. Hope Huong Duong can advise me. (khanhtran…

The sister-in-law invited me to the opening party of the new branch and then gave me the application, which confused me and rushed home - Photo 2.


If you still keep those doubts, you can never break out of your comfort zone, out of your “shell”. A successful person not only has talent but also must have determination, independence and bravery. Staying at home for too long has eroded your will and energy when facing difficulties.

If you want your husband and wife to get along, you should go to work and be economically self-sufficient. This not only makes the family economy more comfortable, reducing the burden on your husband, but also regains your voice in the family. Sister-in-law is someone who understands you and is creating conditions for you to do that. So why are you thinking, wondering?

Talk to your husband and be resolute go back to work. If there is a problem with children, you and your husband should discuss to find the most satisfactory solution, ensuring a balance between family and work for both.

You should confidently seize the opportunity and shine with your relentless efforts. Don’t be afraid to be wrong, don’t be afraid to lose your feelings for your sister-in-law. Be strong to face and prove yourself to everyone. That is the best direction for you right now.


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