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The taboos in feng shui toilets

In any house, layout toilet unreasonable will lead to inconvenience when using. The feng shui toilet is also not taken lightly because this is the cause that affects the members of the house.

Whether the scale is large or small, an apartment, a townhouse, a villa or just a simple 4-level house is indispensable for a toilet. In addition to the urgency to serve daily activities, the arrangement of reasonable and comfortable toilets brings comfort to family members.

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Arranging the toilet in accordance with feng shui brings many benefits. (Illustrated image)

Besides, arrange the toilet so that it is suitable feng shui It is also a very important and necessary job that in fact many homeowners overlook. This will cause bad breath for the house, affecting the health and destiny of the owner.

When designing ideas for their house, in addition to the main functional spaces, homeowners should determine the direction of the toilet. According to feng shui experts, the direction of the toilet should follow the principle of placing in the bad directions and looking in the good direction.

Regarding the relationship between the age of the homeowner and the direction of the toilet, according to feng shui feng shui, if the owner is a man belonging to the East four par (belonging to the four palaces of Kham, Chan, Ton and Ly), the toilet is the best. should be placed in directions such as Southeast, East, North and South. If the homeowner is a woman belonging to the West Four (belonging to the four palaces of Can, Can, Khon and Doai), the toilet should be located in the directions such as West, Northwest, Southwest and Northeast.

khi len y tuong thiet ke ngoi nha xac dinh vi tri va huong nha ve sinh la viec lam rat quan trong anh minh hoa c08156036f6942d38fabaf767e72e034
When planning the design of the house, determining the location and direction of the toilet is very important. (Illustrated image)

Normally, the toilet area is divided into 3 types: Small, medium and spacious. Small toilet with an area of ​​​​under 2m2, can only install toilet and lavabo. This type of toilet is quite inconvenient, suitable for narrow houses.

The average type of toilet has an area of ​​​​from 2m2 to 4m2. With this type of toilet, homeowners can arrange more standing shower areas, bathtubs or other sanitary items.

Spacious toilets usually have an area larger than 4m2. For each type of house, the toilet area of ​​this type will be proportionately arranged. With a large space, the homeowner can arrange all the sanitary equipment at will.

Depending on specific conditions, homeowners need to adhere to some feng shui principles when arranging toilets, to avoid committing taboos.

According to Five Elements, the toilet belongs to Thuy. Meanwhile, the Northeast and Southwest directions belong to the element of Earth. Therefore, if the toilet is placed in these directions, it will cause conflicts, affecting the health of the owner and family members.

Similarly, the toilet should not be placed with the kitchen because it will create the opposite Water – Fire position. This will cause disadvantages for fortune, harm vitality and not affect the homeowner.

Another big taboo is to place the toilet at the gate or opposite the main door to the house. The gate or main door to the house is the place to welcome positive energy, luck and fortune for the family. If you place the toilet opposite the main gate or door, these good breaths will go directly to the toilet. In addition to affecting the air conduction in the house, placing the toilet opposite the main door also loses its aesthetic appeal.

Placing the toilet in the middle of the house is also not a reasonable option. The toilet is a humid place, containing waste, so if placed in the middle of the house, it will make the humid air easily spread throughout the house, adversely affecting the health of family members.

khong nen dat nha ve sinh o phia sau hoac doi dien ban tho anh minh hoa 32f465ff91924b07a76a6b2a8a631d03
The toilet should not be placed behind or opposite the altar. (Illustrated image)

Also for this reason, homeowners should avoid placing the toilet behind or opposite the tablet, the altar. The toilet is a place that contains a lot of dirty gas, if placed near the tablet or the altar, it shows disrespect to the deceased, the god.

In high-rise townhouses, there are often many toilets. There are many cases where the toilet upstairs is located on the bedroom of the lower floor. This is not advisable because the dirty air of the upper toilet goes down, affecting the sleep of people in the bedroom.

For health reasons, toilets should have ventilation holes, not windows. The activities in the toilet mainly expose the skin, the humidity in this space is already high, if there is a ventilation window, it is easy for the user to experience a sudden drop in body temperature, which is not good for health. There should be ventilation holes so that the space in the toilet is not stuffy and secret.

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