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The taxi driver robbed the gold shop and handled the female employee’s “sloppy” treatment

Part of the incident was recorded by security cameras inside and outside the gold shop. Specifically in the clip, a man walks into a gold shop, shows great interest and looks at the necklace he holds in his hand.

Suddenly, this person grabbed the necklace and rushed out. The woman behind the glass case immediately climbed out, shouted, chased the robber. The subject then got into a taxi parked nearby and escaped. It can be seen that the woman in the clip is pregnant, but still recklessly rushes out to catch the robber.

Clip: Pregnant female employee rushes out to chase the gold shop robber

Information on VOV newspaper, a police officer of Thach That district (Hanoi) said that he had arrested Ngo Hoang Anh (born in 1999, residing in Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province, currently residing in Phu Cat commune). Quoc Oai district, Hanoi) to clarify the act of robbery at Anh Thu gold store in the area.

According to the investigation, Ngo Hoang Anh worked as a taxi driver. Around 11 a.m. on April 17, subject Ngo Hoang Anh drove a taxi with license plate 28A-049.93 of Xuan Mai taxi company from Phu Man commune, Quoc Oai district to Anh Thu gold shop in Dong Cam village, Lien Quan town. Thach That district asked to buy gold.

After being given gold samples by shop owner Anh Thu to see, taking advantage of the loophole, Ngo Hoang Anh robbed a gold ring with 2 threads, a gold chain with 5 threads (both of which were 9999 gold), and quickly got into the car. escape.

Immediately after receiving the news, Thach That District Police quickly searched, until 8:30 p.m. on the same day (April 17) arrested the subject and was collecting evidence.

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