The truth after that was unbelievable

Children are the most precious treasure in every parent’s heart, they don’t want to see their children get hurt in any situation, even if their children show some bad behavior in real life. So a scene on the Chinese subway recently made many passengers extremely angry.

Specifically, when the train was running, many people discovered on the deck, a boy lying on the ground. At first, they thought it was a naughty child, so they hid under the chair to play.

The boy lay motionless on the deck, the passenger decided to call the police when he saw the child's HANDS: The truth then became unbelievable - Photo 1.

But after observing closely, the baby boy was lying under the mother’s seat motionless, with his hands tied. The passengers found it hard to believe and felt that the mother was like a trafficker, so they definitely called the police. When the police asked why, it took the mother a long time to explain that because the child was naughty and worried about disturbing others on the subway, she reluctantly tied her child’s hands to lie under the seat.

However, many netizens expressed their displeasure at this mother’s way of doing things. Obviously, no matter how naughty children are, they shouldn’t act so violently, this not only has a huge impact on their health but also their mental health.

The boy lay motionless on the deck, the passenger decided to call the police when he saw the child's HANDS: The truth then became unbelievable - Photo 2.

In order for their children not to become “bear cubs” in the eyes of others, how should parents educate them?

1. Don’t just punish the body

When a child misbehaves in public, parents must stop it promptly and tell the child that the behavior is wrong. However, it is not wise to punish them violently in the first place in the hope of reminding their children of their mistakes. As your child gets older, you will find that his self-esteem grows stronger. Scolding a child when there are many people will be a big blow to their self-esteem. It is also very detrimental in the later development of the child.

2. Set rules and guidelines for children

In the process of children growing up, set some rules for children, tell them what behaviors are absolutely not allowed, the impact and consequences will happen to them if they do. When children have enough awareness, they will subconsciously control their own behavior, only then can the “cure” effect of the symptoms and root causes be achieved.

3. Impact on children with their words and deeds

In life, parents should also pay more attention to their words and deeds, because any behavior of parents will be learned and imitated by their children. “The gourd is round, the tube is long”, or “The children of the family are not like feathers, they are like wings”. Adults with damaged moral qualities are unlikely to have decent and human descendants.

In what direction they will grow up, form and develop their personality is still a matter of the future. But one thing is for sure that educational psychologists once asserted: Children are a mirror mirror of their parents. dua-tre-su-that-sau-do-not-the-tin-noi-20220418230031277.chn

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