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The US launched a rescue package of 6 billion USD, does the EU energy problem have a way out?

The above information is provided by the Department of Energy America revealed to the news agency AP on April 19, right before the official announcement of the first round of “rescue”. This support package is a civilian nuclear credit program, aimed at helping owners or operators of nuclear power reactors who are facing financial difficulties in the past, facing the risk of major shutdown. electricity is too cheap.

The second round of “rescue” will be prioritized for establishments with economic risks. The program is made possible through a $1 trillion infrastructure investment agreement that President Joe Biden signed and legislated from November 2021.

“America’s nuclear power plants contribute more than half of zero-carbon electricity, and President Biden is committed to keeping them running to meet clean energy goals” – AP quotes a statement from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

Ms. Granholm added that the US aims to 2035 this country to use mainly clean energy, based on zero-emission power generation and economic stability for groups at the forefront of this field.

Dozens of US nuclear power reactors have closed in the past decade due to competition from lower-cost natural gas. However, the world is currently facing a climate crisis and an energy crisis at the same time. Therefore, the reduction of dependence on fossil energy is being focused on by governments.

British Prime Minister negotiates with the Kurds on energy

According to CNN, on April 19, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with the leader of the Kurds in northern Iraq Masrour Barzani.

Mr. Masrour Barzani said his desire to export energy from the Kurdistan region to European countries; while Prime Minister Johnson praised the efforts from him and the Kurdish community in helping to reduce the West’s dependence on Russian oil and gas.

Prime Minister Johnson also expressed a “longstanding commitment to the stability of Iraq” and announced the UK’s deep relationship with the Kurds would forge greater partnerships in trade and investment. .

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