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The Vietnamese vegetable that lowers blood sugar, the Japanese eat a lot

Speaking of dishes hypoglycemic vegetables, bitter melon will top the chart. Research shows that bitter melon contains glycosides, which have the effect of reducing blood sugar, so it has an adjunctive therapeutic effect on diabetes.

The vegetable is a

In Oriental medicine, bitter melon has a bitter taste, cool properties, heat-reducing, expectorant, and eye-brightening properties.

For Vietnamese people, bitter melon is a rustic dish, often present in the tray of rice. In many different ways, Vietnamese people can process them into delicious dishes, helping to clear heat and detoxify. Moreover, the nutrients in bitter melon are also very good in treating chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease, atherosclerosis, anti-cancer…

Few people expect that bitter melon is the “longevity vegetable” of Japan. In this country, bitter gourd is called goya, which is grown mainly in the land of longevity Okinawa. People here love bitter melon because of its use in purifying the blood, purifying the body, diuretic, increasing eyesight…

The vegetable is a

Bitter gourd, called goya, is grown mainly in the land of longevity Okinawa.

In Eastern medicine, bitter melon has a bitter taste, cool properties, heat dissipation, expectorant, bright eyes, blood cool, laxative, spleen laxative, kidney tonic, blood liver, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, anti-fatigue, anti-fatigue . Bitter gourd is the raw material of many good medicine for health.

Beyond use HypoglycemiaBitter melon is also used to treat some of the following diseases

The remedy from bitter melon shared by general practitioner Bui Dac Sang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Hanoi Oriental Medicine Association) shared:

– Hypoglycemia: Squeeze bitter melon juice, drink every morning. Or use dried bitter melon, boil in water, filter the residue, drink tea twice a day.

– Clear heat, sputum, cool blood, laxative: Take fresh bitter melon fruit to eat raw or decoction to drink water, it will be effective.

– Treatment of fever, dry mouth, pharyngitis: Use 15-30 bitter melon fruits to bring to the decoction to get water to drink.

– Replenish kidney, except for toxic heat, anti-fatigue: Use ripe bitter gourd, take it out to get water to drink, it will be effective.

The vegetable is a

– Cure sore throat: The amount of bitter melon seeds is enough to use, chew and swallow the water.

– Cure TE with dry head and white scabs: Take 1 whole bitter gourd, bring it to a puree, get the water to apply, after washing your hair with peach leaf juice.

4 groups of people should not eat bitter melon

Although bitter melon has many therapeutic effects, it is because this fruit has many medicinal properties, so not everyone should eat it.

– Pregnant and lactating women

Bitter gourd can cause uterine contractions, bleeding, and miscarriage. In addition, if a woman eats a lot of bitter melon, it can stimulate the uterus and lead to premature birth.

Women who are breastfeeding should also not eat bitter melon because some of the unhealthy ingredients can be passed into breast milk.

The vegetable is a

– People who are suffering from diseases of the digestive system

Eating too much bitter melon can cause a person to have diarrhea, stomach problems. People who are suffering from digestive diseases should not eat a lot of bitter melon, if they can abstain, the better.

– People with low blood pressure

Bitter melon contains charantin, Polypeptid-P and Vicine, which have the ability to lower blood sugar, leading to a drop in blood pressure, causing people with a history of low blood pressure to relapse.

The vegetable is a

– People who have just had surgery

Eating bitter melon right after surgery will interfere with the patient’s blood sugar control. It is best for patients to stop eating bitter melon at least 2 weeks before and after surgery.

Some notes when using bitter melon to lower blood sugar

Bitter gourd can reduce blood sugar, prevent the risk of diabetes, so if you are taking blood sugar-lowering drugs, you should not eat much. Eating a lot of bitter melon can cause blood sugar levels to drop lower than allowed, which is harmful to health. It is best for diabetics to alternate between drugs and bitter melon to ensure health.

The vegetable is a

In addition, it is necessary to avoid drinking tea immediately after eating bitter melon lest it affect the stomach. Should not combine bitter melon with seafood such as shrimp, crab … because bitter melon contains vitamin C, when combined with arsenic in seafood can cause unpleasant reactions. people-tot-nhat-khong-nen-dung-2022041920165482.chn

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