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The virtual hot girl spilled milk tea on the supercar and ran away

For many young girls these days “virtual living” on social media is like an indispensable meal. A part of the hot girl emerged by showing off her car, showing off her travel, showing off her brand name, showing off her body. Showing off anything is fine as long as it gets noticed online.

However, it is not good to show off. Because many hot girls are exposed to “virtual living” so much that they blatantly borrow other people’s things, then “use the temple” as if they were their own! Not long ago, a few TikTok “hot girls” were caught taking pictures in other people’s cars, exposing the truth about the hidden corner of young people’s lifestyle. And recently, netizens are excited again with the clip of 2 hot girls. They bent to take pictures next to the black supercar parked on the side of the street. A few seconds later an incident occurred.

2 hot girls “live virtual” spilled milk tea on the supercar

While posing, a girl accidentally spilled milk tea on the bonnet! Instead of cleaning up the aftermath, she grabbed your bag and ran away. Looking at the glass of water spilled on the car and on the road, netizens angrily condemned the ugly actions of the two girls.

– I thought it was cool, pretty girls dress well, but their manners are too bad.

– Why don’t you go back and wash people’s cars?

– Does it have to be because of some fancy racing photos that you have to smear someone’s car like that?

– Consciousness is too poor, not acceptable.

– Wasting drinks, not knowing how to keep the environment clean. Negative score!

2 hot girls invite each other to take pictures of

After spilling a glass of water, the two girls hurriedly left.

The owner who shared the clip above is the girl who spilled a cup of milk tea. Although netizens criticized and scolded her, she still didn’t admit to being wrong, but on the contrary, showed interest in being famous. After the clip was shared everywhere controversially, many people discovered that the supercar with the problem was… her car!

It is known that this girl, named PT, is a hot girl who owns more than 50,000 followers on MXH. Currently PT is living in Saigon and is the owner of a fashion shop. It seems that she deliberately acted with her car to create a hot drama. Unfortunately, the online community’s reaction was completely mixed. No one supported the act of pouring water into the car, so most commented it was “offensive”.

After only a short time of posting, the clip above has attracted more than 2 million views. It is not clear what the purpose of PT showing the clip to be scolded. However, now she does not bother to remove the video and let the people discuss loudly. This is also a warning lesson for many people who are passionate about virtual life. No one forbids you to take beautiful photos, but whatever you do, you should pay attention to before and after and should not affect people and the surrounding environment! car

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