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The West plans to boycott Russia at G20

Although officials in some Western countries such as Britain and the United States believe that, Russian military campaign in Ukraine makes it worthy of being excluded from international meetings around the globe, but other countries in the group of 20 major economies (G20) such as China and Indonesia, which are holding the group’s rotating presidency this year, disagree with this view.

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Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov at the G20 summit in Rome, Italy October 2021. Photo: Reuters

According to Reuters, Moscow on April 19 confirmed, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov will lead the Russian delegation to attend meetings within the framework of the G20 summit taking place in Washington today, April 20, despite objections. of Western diplomats.

“During and after the conference, we will certainly send a strong message and we will not do so alone,” a German government source said, accusing Russia triggered a conflict that led to an increase in world food and fuel prices.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen plans to avoid G20 meetings with the participation of Russian officials on the sidelines of meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB). However, Ms. Yellen will attend an opening session on the war in Ukraine regardless of whether the Russian side is present or not, according to a US Treasury official.

A British government source revealed that Finance Minister Rishi Sunak will also not attend certain meetings of the G20. While an official from the French Finance Ministry said, some ministers from the Group of 7 industrialized economies (G7) will leave the meeting when their Russian counterpart speaks.

The divisions over the Ukraine crisis are raising questions about the future of the G20 as the world’s leading economic policy forum.

“The G20 is in danger of falling apart and this week is very important,” said Josh Lipsky, director of the Center for Geoeconomics at the Atlantic Council. poured in favor of the G7 or other groups, a move that could help give China significant additional economic influence.

Observers assess that Moscow’s military offensive campaign on neighboring countries as well as the choice of some G20 countries not to impose sanctions on Russia like the West is the latest challenge to efforts to build a global code of conduct. commercial and financial needs.

The United States and China have long accused each other of pursuing protectionism, with world trade growing more slowly than the overall global economy, leading to doubts about the future of the world. globalization. Ahead of the G20 finance ministers meeting, a top IMF official warned of the risk of a fragmented global economy.

“One scenario is that the world will split into blocks that don’t trade much with each other, pursuing different standards, and that would be a disaster for the global economy,” said chief economist Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas IMF announced to the press.

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