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The whole dictionary is reduced to one word “mad”

Baby Sam – The daughter of Lan Phuong and Hong Dang in “Love the sunny day”

“Love the sunny day” is currently a film that receives a lot of attention from the audience. If in the early episodes, Thuong The Sunny Days Returned to take away the audience’s tears with a familiar cast of child actors like Chu Diep Anh or Hong Nhung, in the later episodes, the two actors Bao Linh and Tuan Phong made viewers Laughing at his cuteness and wit.

Playing the role of baby Sam, the son of Duc’s father (Hong Dang) and Khanh’s mother (Lan Phuong), Bao Linh received a lot of praise from the audience for her impressive and natural acting. In the movie, Sam is the first daughter of Khanh and Duc, she is always very understanding and obedient.

The daughter of Lan Phuong and Hong Dang in

Baby Sam with his parents and younger brother So in the movie.

It is known that Bao Linh’s full name is Nguyen Bao Linh, born in 2010 in Hanoi. Currently, Bao Linh is a public junior high school student in the city. Evaluating her daughter’s role this time, Phuong Hong, Linh’s mother said that this role is extremely heavy for an 11-year-old girl because it contains many emotions intertwined between scenes, especially especially in expressing the character’s psychology when crying, laughing and then holding back.

“I remember there was a part where I cried for more than 3 hours because I filmed from different angles. There was a scene where I cried until the director Huy called to cut, but my tears still couldn’t stop because I was too emotional. At that time, the aunts and uncles in the group like Lan Phuong’s mother hugged and wiped her tears to encourage her, but she still cried forever to calm down.” Bao Linh’s mother confided.

Before “Love comes back on a sunny day”, Bao Linh has played many roles in short films, TVCs, and took pictures for brands. Currently, she is learning more MC and dancing to improve in other fields. In real life, Bao Linh is also a gentle, hardworking girl who is loved by everyone. She has a sociable, easy-going and gentle personality.

From a young age, Bao Linh was taught by her mother to be self-disciplined and proactive in everything, so she is more mature and understanding than her peers. ”I help my mother with a lot of things, from cooking rice, washing dishes, bathing my sister when she is busy, looking after my younger sister, self-studying online, cooking simple dishes by myself…

I always have a positive and optimistic mindset, so no matter what difficulties I face, I will face it with a relaxed mind. Even though he is mature, he is still naive and innocent at the right age. According to myself, through the process of observing my child, I see that he and the character of little Sam in the movie have a similarity that they are both good, understanding, intelligent, and profound. she added.

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Before “Thuong on a sunny day”, Bao Linh had the opportunity to participate in many other projects.

Baby So – Son of Lan Phuong and Hong Dang in “Love the sunny day”

One of the child characters that left a strong impression on the audience is So. In the film, So is the second son of the couple Van Khanh (Lan Phuong) and Duc (Hong Dang).

True to her age, So is very innocent and lovely, with gestures and words that make everyone laugh with excitement. In addition, So’s chubby appearance and eyes that close when smiling are also memorable for anyone.

The son of Lan Phuong and Hong Dang in Loving the Sunny Day Returns: The character in the movie is the same as in real life, I don't like anyone who praises him for being proud of his son - Photo 2.

A scene of family activities in the movie.

The son of Lan Phuong and Hong Dang in Loving the Sunny Day Returns: The character in the film is the same as in real life, I don't like anyone who praises him for being proud of his son - Photo 3.

So cute, clever boy.

So in real life, his name is Pham Tuan Phong. The boy is 6 years old and currently studying in grade 1 at a primary school in Hanoi. Sharing about her son, Ms. Nguyen Canh said that the role in the movie “Love the sunny day” is quite suitable for her because in real life Phong is a lovely, innocent and very understanding boy. Just like So in the movie.

Before participating in ”Thuong on a sunny day”, Tuan Phong had the opportunity to play roles in short films, advertisements and photo shoots. The boy is cute, so everyone who comes in contact feels close and comfortable. Because of that, the scenes also went quite smoothly.

Tuan Phong is a docile, agile and lovely boy.

Sharing about the reason why her son fell in love with the acting profession, Canh confided: ”Ever since she was a child, I often see her choreographing, acting, and acting by herself while playing with toys. After that, I learned more and let my child gradually experience with art so that he could be more confident and talkative. I went to casting like other kids when I entered the movie. But luck and fate brought me to the role of So.

I’m also quite concerned about my son’s pride and arrogance, so I really don’t like anyone calling him famous in front of him. Because I heard from many people that I could be affected. I always remind my children when they need to try at things they have not done well. If the child does well, I encourage and encourage him. I still have many shortcomings to learn and in the future I will have more opportunities to learn.”

Baby Flower in “Love the sunny day”

In the famous movie “Love the sunny day”, the performance of child actor Chu Diep Anh in the role of baby flower made the audience extremely impressed. The scenes of baby Hoa are the scenes that capture the most tears, making the audience remember the most.

The girl was previously very popular in VTV’s television series, such as playing the role of Cami in Sunflower Against the Sun, once famous throughout social networks around 2017 with a series of cover videos of hits. At that time, she was also praised as a copy of singer Bao Anh.

Beloved's Baby Flower on a sunny day: The hardest part is when talking to his shadow, his friends say he plays well but it's so hard!  - Photo 2.

Not only her outstanding appearance, Chu Diep Anh also “cut the heart” of the audience with her excellent acting, showing many different emotions and personalities. Recently, in the movie “Love the sunny day”, she again made the audience cry because of her emotion. This role is considered quite “heavy” for a young girl like Chu Diep Anh because it requires emotional acting. However, not disappointing the expectations of the film crew, the 10-year-old girl performed very well the role of little Hoa, taking away the tears of many small screen audiences.

The 4 brightest child forces

Diep Anh’s performance when he broke up with his mother made the audience cry.

In addition, Chu Diep Anh is also an expensive child model in Hanoi thanks to her perfectly contoured face, especially her outstanding large and round eyes. At the same time, this 10-year-old girl is also a bright model that many brands are looking for. In the modeling career, Chu Diep Anh “transforms” diversely with many styles, from personality and dynamism to momentum and cuteness.

As a child star, Chu Diep Anh owns a social networking site with nearly 600,000 followers. Chu Diep Anh’s mother once revealed that the entire amount of her salary was deposited in two separate savings books, in order to prepare for her future luggage.

The 4 brightest child forces

The 10-year-old girl balances her studies and art activities.

Although she has been active in art since a very early age, she knows how to take care of herself and practice self-discipline. Every day, Diep Anh wakes up at 6:30 and goes to bed at 22:30. The schedule is slightly changed if she has to go on a show or shoot. Not only that, Diep Anh also studied very well, his achievements in school never bothered his parents.

Le Huynh Bao Ngoc – Lam Chi in “Family is number 1” Vietnamese version

Le Huynh Bao Ngoc is the girl who caused a stir in the online community after her splendid appearance in the final night of Miss Vietnam 2018. Although she was only on television for a few minutes, Bao Ngoc has attracted many people’s attention thanks to her face. beautiful and bright smile like a princess.

The 4 brightest child forces

Le Huynh Bao Ngoc was praised as “the young Miss Tay Do”.

Not only beautiful, Bao Ngoc also deserves to be “the son of people” because of her outstanding talent and admirable academic achievements. The child star from Can Tho also earns a huge income by participating in art activities from a very early age. After 6 years of filming and advertising, she contributed with her family to buy a billion-dollar apartment in Ho Chi Minh City.

Recently, Bao Ngoc has become closer and closer to fans by appearing in the project “Family is number 1” part 2. Besides, she is also close to the Miss Vietnam cast, making the child actress become a child actress. should be familiar with the public. On the other hand, Bao Ngoc’s fashion style also attracts the audience’s attention, even she is not afraid to “touch” with famous names Vbiz.

The child actor possesses delicate lines and stylish fashion style.

Currently, Bao Ngoc is studying at an international school with a high tuition fee. Every day, the girl is picked up by her family in a private car and owns all expensive branded clothes. Many people believe that, with outstanding ability, Bao Ngoc will develop and succeed even more in the future. beautiful

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