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The whole family stood sobbing in front of the delivery room door, knowing the reason why people were moved

There is an old saying “birth at the grave gate” to emphasize the hardship and danger women will have to face every time they enter the delivery room. Especially with the cases of multiple cesarean births, the anxiety and fear of the mother and her family on both sides increase even more. Recently, a photo taken of a husband’s family waiting for their daughter-in-law in front of the delivery room made everyone extremely touched.

The image was shared on Weibo – a popular social networking site in China about the birth of a woman named Li Lien. Before that, Ly Lien had two children, because both had difficult birth problems, she had 2 cesarean births. This time, due to a missed plan, she had to have a third caesarean section, making everyone around her extremely worried.

The whole family stood sobbing in front of the delivery room, knowing the reason why people were moved - 1

The whole husband’s family was so worried that they burst into tears when the daughter-in-law entered the delivery room for 3 hours.

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to have multiple cesarean births, so when I heard the news of her pregnant, her husband and her husband’s whole family take care of Ly Lien to the best of their ability. On the day she was about to be hospitalized for the third surgery, her husband’s family came from the countryside to the city to encourage and take care of their daughter-in-law. Unlike previous times, the surgery was fast, this time they stood still when Ly Lien entered the delivery room for nearly 3 hours but still couldn’t find it. The mother-in-law felt sorry for her daughter-in-law, sobbing, and the husband also stood still, in tears because he felt sorry for his wife.

Fortunately, after that, Li Lien’s surgery was announced unharmed, due to some problems, the doctors had to spend more time handling to ensure the safety of her mother and child. Hearing this, the whole family of Ly Lien’s husband breathed a sigh of relief. The image of the husband and wife’s restlessness, hugging each other to wipe their tears, taken in front of the delivery room door has attracted a lot of attention. Everyone felt extremely touched by the sincere affection of the husband’s family for the daughter-in-law. In addition, many people also expressed their grief for the woman who had to face many risks during childbirth.

The whole family stood sobbing in front of the delivery room door, knowing the reason why people were moved - 2

Fortunately, both mother and daughter were safe in the end.

A few standout comments:

-It’s rare for a mother-in-law to love her daughter-in-law like that, most of them wait for their daughter-in-law to finish giving birth to visit her

– It’s very dangerous to have a cesarean birth 3 times, congrats on the round and square baby

– The more I read it, the more I feel sorry for the sisters and mothers, because I am ready to sacrifice everything. Stealing this woman has a wonderful husband’s family

– Having a husband’s family who loves his daughter-in-law like that is considered comforting, wishing her a speedy recovery to take good care of her children.

Is the third caesarean section dangerous?

There is no prohibition for mothers having a third cesarean section. However, you need to know that the higher the number of cesarean births and the shorter the interval between the two, the higher the risk of risks. .

Women who want to have a third cesarean section are encouraged to give birth after at least 3-5 years from the previous cesarean section. However, is the third caesarean section dangerous? The answer is yes, because the third caesarean section may have the following four major problems:

– Uterine rupture: The risk of uterine rupture will be very high if the mother becomes pregnant again but less than 18 months from the previous birth. If the fetus implants at the old incision or grows too large in the last months of pregnancy, the scar is more likely to rupture, endangering both the baby and the mother’s life.

The whole family stood sobbing in front of the delivery room door, knowing the reason why people were touched - 3

Women who have had more than one cesarean section have a higher risk of complications. (Illustration)

Placental problems: Any damage to the inner surface of the uterus, such as scarring from a previous cesarean section or scarring from a fibroid removal, equally increases the risk of placental problems. striker, placenta comb teeth, placenta abruption,…

General surgical complications: Any cesarean delivery carries the risk of serious complications including infection of the incision, damage to the bowel and bladder, and adhesions of the intestine to the abdominal wall as the incision heals. … The more times a woman has a caesarean section, the higher the risk of these conditions.

– Postpartum women need more time to recover: The scar tissue of the uterus and abdominal wall thickens after each cesarean section and takes longer to heal. The use of pain relievers, antibiotics… for a long time also makes the mother tired and weaker.

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