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Thu Trang and Tien Luat’s “super easy job” suddenly aired early

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 09:03 AM (GMT+7)

Before the love and expectation of the audience, Thu Trang decided to bring the new movie to theaters earlier than expected.

Trailer for the movie “Super easy job”

Producers Thu Trang and Tien Luat have just announced that they will soon screen the movie “Super Easy Job” from April 22. Initially, “Super Easy Job” set a release date from April 29.

Regarding the reason for bringing the new product to theaters earlier than expected, Thu Trang shared: “The super easy job is a project that we have put a lot of effort into. In the process of bringing the film to the audience, every stage of the crew is carefully calculated and prepared. Trang always wants the best works. “My production will reach the audience to the fullest. This early screening is partly to respond to the great love that the audience has always had for Thu Trang as well as the production crew.”

Thu Trang and Tien Luat's

Autumn Slideshow “Super easy job” to please the audience

“Super easy job” is about a retired policeman and “rogue” youths in the neighborhood who buy a restaurant to use as a place to track a crime boss. However, the restaurant is suddenly famous for its pho-flavored grilled beef ribs with rice, putting their investigation mission in danger of falling apart.

In the movie “Super easy job”, Thu Trang and Tien Luat are no longer a love couple like in other projects. Thu Trang works as a human resource manager at a broken rice restaurant, while Tien Luat works as a dancer. In particular, the roles of the husband and wife confront each other fiercely.

In addition, Thu Trang also received attention when she invited MasterChef Vietnam 2015 – Nguyen Thanh Cuong to create a dish with grilled beef ribs with pho flavor. This is a completely new dish, ordered by Thu Trang to be made specifically for “Super Easy Job”. Information about this dish is currently curious to many viewers, many people ask what will Thu Trang do with the combination of traditional pho and typical broken rice?

“Page wants to bring out the best effect for the movie. For example, Trang doesn’t need to invite a good chef to make that dish, no one knows because she can imagine it. But Trang hopes it will let the movie go. Trang hopes that when people watch the movie, they will see how delicious broken rice is, find this dish so strange and want to try it, maybe they find it delicious. At present, Trang can only say that this is a very special dish, delicious and full of flavors of both traditional pho and typical broken rice in Saigon. Thu Trang expressed.

Thu Trang and Tien Luat's

Thu Trang and Tien Luat put a lot of effort into this project

“Super Easy Job” will have early screenings from the evening of April 22 in cinemas nationwide. After that, the film was shown on both April 23 and April 24. The movie officially opens on April 29.

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