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Tung Duong suddenly reunited with musician Le Minh Son

Video: Tung Duong “adventures” with “Loc Tinh” in the practice session

In the music night Hanoi Street On April 21, Tung Duong will perform a new song called Lost love. This is a song made by musician Le Minh Son during the pandemic, and popularized poetry by Phong Huyen – a friend of both Tung Duong and musician Le Minh Son.

”Le Minh Son is someone who used to stick with me, everyone knows. Phong Huyen is a person who does not do art but loves poetry and music. In the end, the two brothers who are close to me got together, so there’s no reason why I shouldn’t record and boldly bring this work to the public on the live stage.

I’m a person who always likes new things, so with Hanoi street – a rare program where I work as an editor, I will introduce new songs beside the familiar ones. The song ‘Located in Love’, with lyrics from Phong Huyen and Le Minh Son’s music, has a jazz Blues style that is true to Tung Duong’s inner strength, fire, but still romantic. – Tung Duong confided.

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Excited and excited when his work was first performed on the big stage, author Phong Huyen, although busy with business, arranged to attend the rehearsal with singer Tung Duong and the band.

“I listened to Tung Duong’s episode ‘Located in Love’ and saw him very adventurous. And I believe that when this song is played on the night of the concert, the audience will definitely have vibrations to remember a time when they have passed and lived in the past. There are beautiful moments of love or there are also regrets with broken love” – Phong Huyen confided.

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Author Phong Huyen said, I wrote Lost Love about 7 years ago on an emotional evening. Prior to Lost lovehe used to have many compositions put together by Le Minh Son such as: Boundless, Wet old eyelashes, Dreams far away. In it, the song Mom performed by singer Tan Minh was introduced on VTV on the occasion of October 20.

He confided: “I used to study math and never knew how to write poetry. Suddenly one day I felt emotional and wrote a poem. A few years ago I happened to meet Le Minh Son at a friend’s house and suggested him. music, but was rejected outright.

Then another time, when I met Le Minh Son again, I continued to offer to send poems to Le Minh Son to see. And this time he did not refuse. I was also quite surprised when Son texted back that he would try to set a song for me. And the relationship between poetry and music between me and Le Minh Son started from there. After that, every time I had a poem, I would send it to Le Minh Son. A special feature is that my poems are almost like musicians without having to add or remove lyrics.”.

Music night Hanoi Street there will be the best works by Doan Chuan, Phu Quang, Duong Thu, Thanh Tung, Do Bao, Nguyen Vinh Tien, Le Minh Son and compositions by two recently deceased musicians, Hong Dang and Ngoc Chau. The participating singers include Thanh Lam, Tung Duong, Tan Minh, Minh Chuyen, Khanh Linh…

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