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US military ‘learns lesson’ from Ukraine battlefield

In the desert region of California, the US Army is applying lessons learned from the war in Ukraine to train soldiers to prepare for future wars.

Not long after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the US military included similar situations in the exercise, preparing for potential conflicts with countries such as Russia, China Future.

According to the AP, during an exercise that took place this month at the National Training Center (NTC) Fort Irwin (California), about 4,500 soldiers from the 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division from Texas received the mission to capture the attack. the hypothetical town of Ujen was controlled by the Russian-speaking “Denovian” enemy faction, played by the 11th Armored Cavalry Brigade at the NTC.

M1 Abrams tanks fire during an exercise in late March at Fort Irwin

US Army

During the training, the enemy launched rockets and missiles, using a sophisticated disinformation campaign to make false accusations against American soldiers. This force uses phones to record and immediately upload it social network influential information.

“I think right now the entire army is looking at what’s going on in Ukraine and try to learn from it,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth told AP during a visit to the training center. Lessons can be drawn from the troubles of using Russian weapons, logistics, communications, and the internet. According to Worthuth, the crisis in Ukraine has shown the importance of the information sector for US forces.

General Curt Taylor, commander of the training center, said the aim of the exercise was to train brigades in how to use all available combat tools to launch a coordinated attack, including counter-attacks. wrong information Online.

“Each person can play an instrument, but to make a piece of music, you need to harmonize it all in a synchronized way. You can see artillery, air force… doing their own thing. But part of the reason the attack on the town was delayed is because they couldn’t synchronize,” Taylor said.

Pro-Russian forces near Mariupol on April 17


According to American leaders, in the first weeks of hostilitiesthe Russian command failed to provide the air strikes and ground support needed to gain control of key cities like Kyiv.

Another part of the training will focus on dealing with an enemy that is ready to launch a missile attack on another civilian area. “We had to be prepared for urban combat, where we had an opponent that was firing indiscriminately,” Taylor said. In the campaign military In Ukraine, Russia is accused of destroying civilian areas but this country claims to only target military targets.

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