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Using a liver tonic but often washing dishes and chopsticks like this is also a waste, many young people suffer

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyen Duy Thinh

So far, in the matter of cleaning dishes and chopsticks, experts always recommend that it is best done right after eating. However, in a modern society with busy work, young families, or people who are alone, often have the habit of picking up dishes and chopsticks after eating, waiting a lot and then washing one body. Is this safe for health when using those types of bowls and chopsticks?

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (former lecturer at Institute of Food and Biotechnology, Hanoi University of Science and Technology) said that according to the principles of food hygiene, the above work is completely wrong, however in In fact, it still happens every day.

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After eating, the dishes should be washed immediately. (Illustration)

Mr. Thinh said that not only single people but also families, especially young families, although they do not have to save up to wash once, they have the habit of eating dinner to wash and eat the next morning. In the morning, let it be cleaned in the evening…

Associate Professor Thinh affirmed that soaking dirty dishes overnight or leaving them for a long time before washing will breed many bacteria that are harmful to health. The clearest evidence is that the chopsticks and bowls are viscous, even with yellow mold sticking around.

“Among the bacteria and molds, special attention should be paid to the yellow fungus called Aspergillus which is very harmful to the liver. In addition, there are other types of bacteria that are born and stick to dishes and utensils, which are difficult to handle 100%. Especially, the situation of cross-contamination can occur from selling chopsticks soaked for a long time, then stacking them after washing them to dry dishes,” Thinh said.

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Soaking or leaving dishes overnight can create favorable conditions for bacteria to multiply. (Illustration)

More alarmingly, in Vietnam, the utensils used in culinary activities today are made of wood and bamboo, which is even more dangerous if not cleaned properly. Associate Professor Nguyen Duy Thinh said that bamboo and wooden chopsticks or spoons, if eaten, soaked in water overnight, bacteria and molds will hide deep in while washing is difficult to get out.

In addition, many people also have the habit of pouring dishwashing oil in to soak it so that when washing it is more dangerous, this is very dangerous, because the chemicals in the dishwashing oil will easily penetrate into the wooden bamboo utensils, causing harm. vice versa for humans.

“It is best to wash it immediately after eating, no need to soak before washing. After washing, if there is a machine, dry and disinfect immediately. Families who do not have a dryer can dry in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes or dry before putting it on high, in the right place, “said Associate Professor Thinh.

Before the news that the cleaning of dishes, chopsticks and cutting boards is not guaranteed, thereby causing mold and causing liver cancer, Assoc. Prof. TS.BS Pham Cam Phuong – Director of the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Oncology, Bach Mai Hospital There is now evidence that eating certain moldy grains can increase the risk of cancer because they contain the toxin aflatoxin, which is a liver carcinogen.

As for moldy chopsticks and chopsticks, if the cutting board is not clean, it will easily cause acute diseases and other poisonings. Currently, there are no studies showing that moldy chopsticks and chopping boards contain aflatoxin toxins. However, that does not mean that people are subjective. When using chopsticks, cutting boards should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid acute and chronic poisoning because these items are at risk of fungal, bacterial, and parasitic infections.

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