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Van Van kissed Bach, Mrs. Nhung talked about Trang at the company, surprising

Love the sunny day Episode 9 aired on VTV3 on the evening of April 20. After many episodes that made viewers cry without tears, episode 9 suddenly brought sweet, awkward moments of first love that made viewers sob. In this episode, Van Van discovered that Bach because of her pampering… ran out of money, couldn’t spend a dime at work. She demanded to return Bach the shoes that he bought for her, or Bach did not accept, she would pay. However, Bach begged Van not to do so. “Do you like me?” – Van asked inadvertently which one really hit it, Bach asked in return as a confession: “What if I really like you?”.

For the first time in her life, being loved by a boy, Van Van was extremely happy and excited. She did not reply to Bach, but the “excited happy” attitude denounced everything.

That night, Bach also invited Van Van to go out very romantically. He took her on a cyclo to see the city, and then gave Van a sweet kiss. Van Van’s acceptance of Bach’s kiss is a milestone marking the two officially starting their love story.

Loving the sunny day: Van Van kissed Bach, Mrs. Nhung talked about Trang at the company, surprising everyone - Photo 1.

Love the sunny day episode 9: Mrs. Nhung talks to Duy about Trang

Returning to other developments, in this episode, Ms. Nhung went to the marketing department to talk about Trang’s business. She encouraged the staff that the management was persuading Trang to stay. The unexpected gentleness and gentleness of the general boss surprised everyone. Next, Mrs. Nhung also had a talk with Duy.

She admitted she was wrong, and Duy was right, she really did not understand all about Trang. But the truth is that Ms. Nhung’s change of opinion is not related to Trang’s ability to work. If she still didn’t know Trang was her biological son now, Mrs. Nhung would have been happy because she kicked her out of Hoang Kim and was enjoying her victory.

Meanwhile, Trang also made up with Mrs. Nga and was accepted by her adoptive mother. In addition, Mrs. Nga also forgave Duc about him raising his voice to his mother-in-law last time.

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  • Family
  • 45 mins
  • 11/15/2021
  • 21:40 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – VTV3

“Love the sunny day” is a story with a long time amplitude, connecting from the past to the present. The film revolves around Mrs. Nga’s family and her three daughters, Van Khanh, Van Trang and Van Van – women and mothers of different generations. The girl of the past becomes the mother of today, the mother of the past becomes the grandmother now… There are times when women of different generations are in conflict, opposite, and arguing. But in the end, they always met at one point: the love, the need to protect, the desire to give the family what is complete and best.

Director: Bui Tien Huy, Vu Truong Khoa

Actor: People’s Artists Thanh Quy, Lan Phuong, Hong Dang, Huyen Lizzie, Ngoc Huyen, Dinh Tu

Watch Thuong on a sunny day for part 2, episode 10, on VTV3 next Monday night. 20220420231115572.chn

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