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Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile: Revealing the set of Tieu Dao Phai moves

With 2 separate weapons, Tieu Dao builds 2 different fighting styles depending on the purpose and gameplay of the gamer.

Tieu Dao is receiving great attention from the gaming community in the new version Nhat Niem Tieu Dao. Recently, NPH VNGGames confirmed the five elements of this sect, as well as published the first images of Tieu Dao’s skill set, causing a lot of curiosity in the gaming community.

Accordingly, Tieu Dao will be the third sect of the Earth element, reinforcing the balance between the game’s 13 sects. This sect is appreciated for its flexibility in both attack and defense, along with the ability to control techniques. However, between Sword and Cam, which skill set is really more versatile?

Tieu Knife French

Weapons: Hold

Characteristic: Long range attack, wide area attack.

Active skill set:

Quang Lang Tan: Normal hit: Generates sound waves that deal damage to the target

Optional Song: Normal attack: Advanced grip, emits 6 waves of sound in a random direction into a fan-shaped area in front of you and deals damage, has a chance to stun.

Di Cung Hoan Vu: Active moves, changing the tune will swap normal skills. There are 2 tunes:

Khuc Phong: Reduces ultimate damage taken by 20%

Dance: Reduces movement speed, increases damage

Cao Son Luu Thuy: Creates a powerful sonic wave that deals massive damage and stuns for 2 seconds.

Lac Nhan Binh Sa: Deals massive damage around, stunning all enemies in range for 2 seconds.

Plum Blossom Tam Long: High level move, creates negative law forward, dealing damage and reducing enemy movement speed, stacking effect 3 floors, each floor reduces TDDC by 10%.

Duong Quan Tam Diep: Strum the lute, create a sound around, enemies entering will take damage and reduce resistance, stacking 3 layers of disadvantage.

Evaluate: Holding spells is more about the ability to attack from long range and support the backline attack with a good amount of damage. Possessing a lot of control techniques, multi-target stuns, this faction is really useful in both offensive and defensive formations.

Advantage: Long range attack and high damage, flexible attack/defense skill set.

Defect: Paper blood, easy to become an opponent’s target.

Role in the team: In the party, Tieu Dao Cam will stand in the 2nd line, dealing ranged damage, attacking multiple targets and creating a beneficial buff range for teammates in battle. Tieu Dao Cam will likely possess some effects to control the enemy such as slowing down, buffing defense, etc. Therefore, the sect is really necessary in the big battles later.

Xiao Dao Sword Magic

Weapons: Sword

Characteristic: Melee combat, high damage moves.

Skill set:

Ngo Cau Suong Snow: Advanced martial arts, sword dance creates sword qi around himself, dealing damage to enemies, has a chance to stun.

Tapping Luu Tinh: Move quickly a short position ahead, gather energy 3 times.

The Ten Sets of One Sacrifice: The sword’s high-damage move, disciple Tieu Dao transforms into a sword, slashes through all enemies in range, replenishing energy 3 times.

Bach Hong Japanese Restaurant: High-class martial artist Tieu Dao Sword France, the enemy hit takes great damage, with a maximum kick of 80% stun rate.

Evaluate: Tieu Dao Sword Technique is very strong in terms of damage and confrontation. The skill set of this sect not only creates a great life expectancy rate, but also possesses a lot of target stuns typical of the five elements of earth. Considering the ability to confront 1vs1, it is very difficult to win Tieu Dao’s Sword Technique. In Chaos, this faction easily finishes any enemy’s bloody target.

Advantage: Very large damage, especially strong in 1vs1 PK, Troops are quite good, high attack, many stuns.

Defect: The set of moves requires difficult hand manipulation, requires high accuracy and flexibility

Role in the team: The best Tieu Dao Kiem Phap will go with a hard tank like Shaolin or Thien Vuong. These two sects have quite a lot of hardlock control, with resistance. This is a good premise for Tieu Dao to deal damage to finish the target.

Adding forces to the practice of Tho, Tieu Dao is really a formidable sect against any enemy. If the Grip is strong in control, then Sword shows superior damage along with its flexibility. Certainly, this sect will have a lot of land in the near future, when the PK features are launched more and more and very competitive.

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