What does Dich Vong Secondary School say about the information ‘forcing weak students not to take the 10th grade exam’?

According to Ms. Nga, up to now, the incident has only been stirred up on social networks, and the school has not received any information from the students’ parents.

In fact, the 2021-2022 school year for online students is extended. When the children went back to school, the school organized a quality check and assessment to grasp the situation. The results show that the quality of some students is not as good as face-to-face learning. Therefore, classroom teachers invited and met 42 times with parents to exchange solutions and find causes to help students learn better. Of those 42 students, not all of them performed poorly, on average, but there were also those who performed worse during online learning. “This time is in the middle of the second semester, students still have time to study, try to prepare the best for the exam. Therefore, information, teachers advise students not to take the exam to 10th grade even studying. It’s not right for students to have a fairly good academic record,” Ms. Nga said.

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Dich Vong Secondary School insists that there is no forcing students to transfer schools as the information is causing a stir

According to Ms. Nga, after receiving information about the incident, this morning the People’s Committee of Cau Giay district, the Department of Education and Training came to work with the school, to check the transfer books of students; minutes of meetings between teachers and parents. The school has also confirmed to the management agency that no such incident happened at the school.

Regarding transfer students, from the second semester until now, only 4 students transferred to Phu Tho, Bac Giang, Son La and 1 transferred to a private school. Among the 4 transfer students, there is 1 student with good academic performance, 2 students with good performance, and 1 student with average transfer according to parents’ wishes.

“The school has asked the District People’s Committee and the Department of Education and Training to have a solution, verify information on social networks that affects the school and the industry in general. Teachers and school administrators are very confused when there is information. like that,” said the school’s principal.

Regarding the above incident, this morning, the Hanoi Department of Education and Training sent a written request to the Heads of the Department of Education and Training to review and strictly handle cases of counseling forcing students not to take the 10th grade entrance exam (if any). Hanoi affirms that studying and registering for entrance exams is the right of students and parents. Orientation and threading work after secondary school, the school must clearly orient students to choose, not be forced.

Previously, the Department of Education and Training of Cau Giay district had a document requesting that secondary schools absolutely must not force or encourage students with average or weak academic ability to transfer schools or not participate in registration for the 10th grade high school exam. . If this happens, the school principal is fully responsible.

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In addition, schools are required, at this time secondary schools, centers of continuing education and vocational education must complete their teaching tasks according to the plan and school year payroll prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training, absolutely not cutting the program. . Well organize the second semester examination to complete on time and ensure accurate assessment of the learning and training results of 9th graders before May 10. Fully update students’ learning results in the gradebook and electronic school records. The school closely monitors students’ scores, enhances training for weak and poor students to get good results when they go to high school.

The school organizes to check, review and edit information of grade 9 students on the industry database network to ensure that it matches the birth certificate and priority documents. Organizing the study of enrollment regulations, high school graduation exam regulations, and guidelines for admission to 10th grade high schools for the school year 2022-2023 for school officials, teachers, and staff. Counseling on choosing schools for students that are suitable for their learning conditions and abilities.

Hanoi’s 10th grade entrance exam will be held on June 18-20, in which, on June 18th, the exam will be held in Literature and Foreign Languages; the morning of 19/6 Math exam; June 20th exam for specialized subjects.

This year, the city expects about 129,000 students to graduate from secondary school (an increase of about 19,000 students compared to the 2020-2021 school year).

However, only about 60% of secondary school graduates have the opportunity to enter the public 10th grade (about 77,000 students), the rest go to private schools (about 27,000 students). Continuing education centers recruit about 12,900 students, the rest about 12,100 children attend vocational education institutions.

According to Ha Linh

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