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When I came home to visit the housekeeper, my stomach suddenly became bigger, I was overjoyed

April 20, 2022 10:55 GMT+7

I was flabbergasted, unable to believe what the maid was saying.

Ms. Thanh, my housemaid has been with us for 15 years. After my mother passed away, she moved in to live with my father and me. Ms. Thanh has no husband and children, her parents died early, her number is very poor. She is honest, sincere, everything is neat and clean. Therefore, even though I am a house worker, I always respect and love her.

4 years ago, I got married, so I no longer live with my father and Ms. Thanh. Sometimes when I go home to play, I see her taking good care of her father, so I am very satisfied. Thanks to her, the atmosphere in the house is less lonely.

Last Sunday, I went home to stay one night. Seeing that Ms. Thanh seemed tired, or yawned, her stomach seemed to protrude, I was very surprised. That night, I asked if she was pregnant?

Miss Thanh hesitated for a moment before nodding. I questioned the baby’s father, she stammered, determined not to speak. “Is it your father?” I asked straight. Miss Thanh looked at me, tears welling up in her eyes.

Exactly what I thought. She said chokingly that the two of them loved each other, she did not expect that she was nearly 50 years old and still pregnant. She hasn’t told my dad about this yet and if I don’t want to see this baby, she’ll quit her job and go somewhere far away.

I hugged her trembling shoulders. For a long time, I have also implicitly accepted the relationship between father and Miss Thanh. Europe is also fate, my father also has someone to take care of when he is old. But now, Ms. Thanh is nearly 50 years old, giving birth is not an easy thing, even very dangerous. My father still didn’t know she was pregnant, thinking that their relationship could still surpass me. If he spoke rudely, I was afraid he would be awkward. How should I settle this matter?


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