Why is the supply and demand for real estate in Binh Chanh (HCMC) “bouncing up” strongly in early 2022?

This unit pointed out that, after the gap, the market returned to an exciting pace with supply gradually recovering from October 2021 and peaking in December 2021 when recording the highest number of apartments for sale since October 2021. from the beginning of 2021 to present. At the time of Tet holiday, the supply in Binh Chanh district followed the general trend of the market and “cooled down”, but also quickly regained the upward momentum right after Tet.

The number of apartments listed for sale in March 2022 increased by 44% compared to the average of February 2022. In general, the supply of apartments here in the first quarter of 2022 increased by 58% compared to the same period last year but only reached about 90% compared to the second quarter of 2021.

Accordingly, the index of buying apartments in Binh Chanh District in October 2021 decreased from a peak of 1.9 points to 0.8 points in January 2022, showing the interest in apartment products here. peaked right in the month of removing social distancing, “cooled down” quickly only a month later and gradually decreased towards the end of the year and the Lunar New Year. This index started to increase to 1.45 in the period of February 2022 right after Tet and reached 1.52 points in the period of March 2022.

Why is the supply and demand for real estate in Binh Chanh (HCMC)

According to a representative of Cho Tot Nha website, in the second half of 2021, although the apartment market was affected by the pandemic, which reduced supply, the interest index increased to 1.47 points in the third quarter of 2021. average 1.4 points in the fourth quarter of 2021, higher than the first quarter of 2022 – recorded at only 1.25 points. At the same time, the contact rate to perform apartment sales transactions here tends to increase sharply from the beginning of 2022, and reaches 0.18 points in March 2022. The relatively even growth trend of these two indexes shows a good signal of the recovery of demand, when the interest in buying apartments is similar to the decision to “lower money” – contact the seller to buy an apartment. transaction.

According to experts, information on planning greatly supports the bustle of the real estate market here. Specifically, Along with the project of establishing the city in 2025, Binh Chanh is actively adjusting the planning of the administrative center with the role of the local growth nucleus.

The existing Binh Chanh administrative center (Tan Tuc town) is scientifically planned with full public utilities and a complete regional network.

According to the plan, the Binh Chanh administrative area will not only stop at the existing core area but will be expanded in size to match the development potential of the area. Including more than 2 hectares for the planning of the sports complex; 7 ha for construction and development of educational institutions and schools; 3.2 ha of land fund for planning of service works; 1 ha for logistics planning and technical infrastructure; 1 ha of land fund for commercial and service planning; 0.5 ha for administrative planning, health…

In addition to the existing park of about 2 hectares opposite the Westgate complex, by 2025, Binh Chanh plans to spend about 6 hectares of land fund to develop a public green park, landscape trees.

For the entire remaining land fund in the existing administrative center, Binh Chanh leaders said they will use it to build housing projects including apartments and low-rise houses.

Why is the supply and demand for real estate in Binh Chanh (HCMC)

Source: Cho Tot Nha

The adjustment of the planning of Binh Chanh administrative center with the role of the most vibrant core area in the West not only creates a breakthrough for the locality but also is a driving force for the growth of real estate in the central area.

For example, the Westgate complex, deployed by An Gia Real Estate Group at the core of Binh Chanh administrative center with a scale of more than 2,000 apartments, is receiving positive attention. This project inherits many advantages from the bustle of the area, a civilized and highly educated residential community, adjacent to the People’s Committee and Binh Chanh police office, so buyers are interested.

According to data from Cho Tot house, in this area, supply – demand – price are clearly showing in the top 5 outstanding projects, such as:

March 2022 vs February 2022


Amount of interest

Rate of contact made transactions

Average price/m2

West Gate Park

41% increase

7% increase

180% increase


11% increase

Mizuki Park

24% increase

4% off

507% off


7% increase

Saigon Mia

9% increase

11% increase

70% increase


0.02% increase

Lovera Vista

27% increase

34% increase

30% off


Up 7.4%

Saigon Intela

157% increase

42% off

138% off


14% increase

Source: Cho Tot Nha

Sharing about the potential of Binh Chanh Real Estate, Mr. David Jackson, General Director of Colliers Vietnam said that, first of all, the planning orientation of Ho Chi Minh City must be mentioned. Accordingly, Binh Chanh is expected to play the role of an economic, industrial, handicraft, commercial, service, and transport hub in the southwest of the city. Currently, information about Binh Chanh “up” the district and even the city makes the real estate in this area “hotter”.

Binh Chanh’s infrastructure network has been much improved. Besides important traffic routes such as National Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh City – Trung Luong – My Thuan Expressway, Highway 50 or Nguyen Van Linh Street. Other important traffic works in the future will also pass through Binh Chanh, such as the 10 billion USD high-speed railway from Ho Chi Minh City – Can Tho or the Metro 3A line. Thus, Binh Chanh plays an important role as a traffic and logistics hub, warehouse of HCMC and the Southwest region.

Many investors are paying more attention to Binh Chanh to “prepare” the market when the price increase margin is still high and the infrastructure system is developing strongly. On the other hand, real estate buyers flocking here looking for a place to live more and more is an advantage for real estate in this area to increase in value.

In the current situation, it can be seen relatively that if the Southeast – South area has many high-class real estate projects serving investors and the middle class, Binh Chanh and the West area are the places to provide high-class real estate projects. The project is “more affordable” with the purchasing power of a large number of people with real housing needs.

Why is the supply and demand for real estate in Binh Chanh (HCMC)

According to the survey, the average price of apartments in Binh Chanh is currently 35-45 million VND/m². This is considered the most appropriate price today when compared to other areas of Ho Chi Minh City. It is noteworthy that the housing demand in Binh Chanh is very high compared to the dynamic economy and rapid urbanization. Every year, Binh Chanh’s population increases by about 30,000 people. Meanwhile, the supply is still very limited and most of it is aimed at meeting the real needs of the people.

Notably, the fact that Binh Chanh is likely to have more Pham Van Hai industrial park (IZ) with a scale of nearly 700 hectares will make this area gather 4 large industrial zones including Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park, Vinh Loc Industrial Park Le Minh Industrial Park. Xuan and An Ha KNC. Housing demand will be stronger in Binh Chanh coming from the needs of workers, experts and engineers who flock here to work in industrial zones.

In addition, the increasingly convenient traffic connection and the number and quality of services are not much different from the central area, which will pull more people to Binh Chanh to get a place to live with a reasonable price. more suitable price.

“The fact that Binh Chanh is actively completing the planning of the central area will of course help the appearance of this area become more modern and more aesthetically impressive. There are many planning lessons from the areas. In combination with other areas combined with increased green space, the park will be able to help Binh Chanh have a well-planned “core zone” area, bearing the appearance of a smart and “liveable” city. So to see, the high demand for housing, well-invested transport infrastructure, a large mechanical population and good growth momentum are the reasons why Binh Chanh real estate has a good price increase,” said Colliers Vietnam expert. emphasize.

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