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Wings for marriage-Young people

Wednesday, April 20, 2022 11:18 AM (GMT+7)

I still believe that marriage is not about tying each other up, but still giving each other wings.

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Let’s respect each other not only with face but also with heart. (Illustration)

I used to think: My wife is the greatest asset in my life. I still think that’s not wrong. Those who think like me are also not wrong, so. But let’s just stop at thinking like that to cherish your wife, your husband. Understand the value of your wife, your husband to know how to cherish and preserve. But don’t keep it locked up in a locker. But not to tie-lock each other. Love someone, let them be free!

Someone said: Let your husband be free to have but die immediately. There are many people out there in life. There are people who just like to stalk and eat. I think again, people fall because of their nature. If they want to keep, sooner or later they will fall. Just sooner or later. No one can hold hands forever.

A moment of neglect, is lost. So, letting them be free is also letting yourself be free. Do not force yourself into jealousy and suspicion.

Don’t let yourself hang around in stalking. The time to worry about people betraying you is better spent loving yourself. If I can’t love myself, how can I make others love me?

Love someone, let them choose their own way of life.

It is not in the name of love that force them to sacrifice this and that for themselves, then it is love. Capital love is not an exchange. Leave them free to love themselves the way they want to go!

But don’t judge how they love you the way you want. They are free to love me the way they want, sometimes when I’m not happy, it’s because this relationship is not what I thought it was. Don’t be sad! If I still love them, what’s not to be sad about? Unless I measure, I measure how I give you this you have to pay me that. If that’s what love is, how is it different from an exchange?

Someone will say: How can I devote myself forever to someone who does nothing in return for my dedication?

That’s how it is, throwing a stone into the pond, who doesn’t expect to receive ripples? But sometimes there’s an underground wave that you don’t know about. Don’t just look at him on the surface, she doesn’t care about you. Look at all the emotional process. Because there are love-marriage relationships that don’t realize how wonderful it used to be, how passionate it used to be.

Letting them be free is not forcing them to be one way or another to show love. Speak like Miss Phuong Nga: I have no obligation to prove my innocence.

Why do we have to prove love if we love them? Because there is nothing that proves love more than your own heart for that person. Can’t the heart show each other?

So, after all, what is freedom? Stop judging your wife and husband for what he or she hasn’t done. Just look at what he, she did. Let him, she can love herself the way they are instead of like someone else out there. Let’s respect each other not only with face but also with heart. It is to remember very carefully what the best they have given them and be more tolerant of what they have not done.

Because marriage is living together until the end of life, the short years and months of life are not days or two, but also a long road ahead. Let’s create happiness with them, not just waiting for them or just yourself.

In the end, I still think, marriage is not about tying each other up, but still giving each other wings. Happy people have wings. The unfortunate will fly with a broom. That’s all!

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