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200m long hot air balloon combined with 3-deck yacht

The Swiss company develops a vehicle with the ability to carry 12 passengers to travel in the sky, underwater and on land, at a speed of 93 km / h.

AirYacht's airship - airship combination.  Photo: Guillaume Hoddé/AirYacht

AirYacht’s airship – airship combination. Image: Guillaume Hoddé/AirYacht

AirYacht, the Swiss company founded by engineers Guillaume Hoddé and Matthieu Ozanne, develops vehicles that combine airships with yachts, New Atlas reported on April 20. French design firm Franck Darnet is responsible for the design of the new vehicle.

Basically, the combined vehicle consists of two parts: the helium-filled balloon above and the yacht below. When in flight, the yacht acts as the cabin of the airship, carrying the crew and up to 12 passengers. If you want to cruise at sea, the yacht can detach from the airship, lower it with a set of cables, and then release the cable when it reaches the water. The process is reversed when it is necessary to reattach the yacht to the airship.

During this time, the airship needs to fly relatively close to the surface of the water. It will use a “floating buoyancy” control system to avoid a sudden rise when releasing the weight below (dropping the yacht). AirYacht has not released information on how the balloon maintains its flight position while everyone is off the boat.

If passengers want to roam the ground, the yacht can be lowered with a set of struts mounted under the hull. In the event that passengers are only briefly on the ground, the 12-person lift can be lowered by cable from the underside of the yacht, while the boat remains attached to the airship.

Depending on factors such as speed and number of passengers and crew members, AirYacht’s combined vehicles are equipped to be “self-sufficient” for up to a week.

The AirYacht is lowered to the ground.  Photo: Guillaume Hoddé/AirYacht

The AirYacht is lowered to the ground. Image: Guillaume Hoddé/AirYacht

According to basic specifications, the airship will be 200 meters long and use a hybrid electric/fuel powertrain to travel at speeds of up to 93 km/h. Due to a confidentiality agreement with a partner company that jointly develops the new vehicle, they cannot share more details at this time, Ozanne said.

The 3-deck yacht is 52 m long, 13 m wide and 11 m high, with 5-6 cabins. In addition to 12 passengers and 3 crew members, the yacht can also carry 12 additional service staff. Some of the expected equipment include front and rear sundeck, Jacuzzi, sauna, swimming pool, helipad, garage to store vehicles such as cars, small boats, jet skis.

The AirYacht hybrid vehicle has been in development since 2017, the first one is expected to be ready for operation in 2026. After that, the company can produce 1 – 4 units per year. Rates will be negotiated separately with potential buyers, Ozanne said.

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