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3 body parts are susceptible to disease in summer, should be taken care of to prevent

In the hot summer, wearing less clothes and eating a lot of raw and cold food will make important parts of the body such as skin, stomach, and heart easily damaged, even taking longer to recover. . Therefore, we need to pay attention and take care of these parts when summer comes.

3 body parts are susceptible to disease in the summer, should be taken care of carefully to prevent - 1

1. Digestive tract

The hot summer leaves most people without appetite. Many people also like to eat cold food and drink ice water. However, such eating will cause damage to the stomach lining, the more cold foods you eat, the more burden you will have on the stomach.

Some people lose weight, even become depressed nutrition After entering the summer, the main cause is related to anorexia and excessive energy consumption. Therefore, we should protect the digestive tract in the summer.

Make reasonable arrangements for three meals a day, eat less cold food, with ice. When you lose your appetite, you can drink more cereals or vegetables and fruits, replace iced drinks with diluted tea or warm water, limit wearing clothes that show your belly button, cover your lower abdomen carefully when you sleep to prevent cold.

In addition, maintain a regular routine, avoid staying up late and do not eat any food 3 hours before going to bed. Regular massaging of the abdomen also helps promote gastrointestinal motility.

3 body parts are susceptible to disease in the summer, should be taken care of carefully to prevent - 2

2. Skin

In summer, the body’s metabolism takes place strongly. Besides, people also increase outdoor activities such as cycling, swimming, climbing. Overexposure to the sun during outdoor activities, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., can cause skin burns due to the strong effects of ultraviolet rays.

Strong ultraviolet rays also damage the epidermis and dermis of the skin, making the skin darker, tanned epidermal cells take about 2 months to complete the metabolism.

In addition, the skin also has a certain memory function. Areas of the skin that are often damaged are very susceptible to aging, such as the face, arms and back of the hands, often soon appear age spots and wrinkles.

However, when exposed to sunlight, the skin also produces vitamin D, which helps the digestive tract absorb calcium and magnesium well, and promotes the production of bone cells.

However, you should still expose yourself to the sun at an appropriate level, the time should not exceed 20 minutes, can be arranged around 8-9 am or after 4 pm. If you must be outdoors, apply sunscreen, wear a sun hat, and try not to go out between 10am and 4pm.

3 body parts that are susceptible to disease in the summer, should be carefully taken care of to prevent - 3

3. Heart

The hot summer sun causes the body to consume a lot of energy, the blood circulation is accelerated, the demand for nutrients and oxygen increases, increasing the burden on the heart. In addition, hot weather also makes people irritable, increasing blood pressure. Besides, when sweating a lot, the body is also easily dehydrated and causes heatstroke.

Therefore, when summer comes, it is necessary to take good care of your psychology and emotions, maintain a happy and positive attitude, avoid anger, excessive temper, build healthy living habits, avoid smoking. drugs and drinking alcohol, eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, control the amount of calories in the body, properly replenish water for the body, avoid dehydration. When you feel a headache, dizziness or discomfort outdoors, find a cool place to rest.

In general, in the summer, it is necessary to protect the upper 3 parts of the body well, should not lie in the air-conditioned room for a long time, set the temperature of the air conditioner to about 26 degrees Celsius, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be exceed 7 degrees Celsius.

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