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3 most tasteless martial arts techniques in Kim Dung swordplay

The common point in the swordplay novels of writer Kim Dung is the appearance of lost martial arts secrets that can make users rise to the rank of martial arts masters. However, the characters need to know the correct training method to be able to practice successfully. Because they are martial arts secrets, there are many differences when they can make the practitioner gain both powerful power but also take their life. Typical are the following 3 martial arts:

Loss of Mercy

This is the martial arts of the Khong Dong sect, known through the character Ta Ton in Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky. Writer Kim Dung described Seven Thuong Quyen that: “This technique can’t be seen when hitting the trunk of a tree, but after a while the leaves gradually wilt, because inside the wood fibers have been disintegrated, ordinary people just push it. Even if it’s light, you’ll fall.”

Kim Dung's 3 most tasteless martial arts skills: Superior power, but many masters stay away - Photo 1.

Seven Thuong Quan has strong power, but it can cause harm to the practitioner. (Photo: Baidu)

So strong, but the limitation of this martial art, if the practitioner’s internal gong is not enough, it will harm himself. Every time you practice Seven Shang Kung higher by one level, your body and internal organs will be damaged by one more level. One practice is 7 damage. The benefits of this martial art are known through the character Ta Ton. After stealing the secret of Seven Shangjuan, he, eager for revenge, hastily practiced it, causing his heart to be damaged to the point of madness.

Why is such a harmful martial art that still people practice? In fact, if practiced properly, Seven Thuong Quyen will promote its power. The proof is that the patriarch of the Khong Dong sect has trained to become Seven Thuong Quyen and become famous in the world thanks to this martial art. In addition, Truong Vo Ky, thanks to Cuu Duong Than Cong, had a profound body of gong that brought Seven Thuong Quyen to an extremely high realm.

Northern Lights God

Bac Minh Than Cong is an inner martial art of mind dharma originating from the Tieu Dao sect, invented by Tieu Dao Tu. This martial art is famous when appearing in the novel Thien Long Bat Bo. People who practice Northern Minh Than Gong can absorb other people’s internal energy to use. It is described as follows: “Beijing Shen Gong takes the inner strength of the world as its own.”

Kim Dung's 3 most tasteless martial arts skills: Superior power, but many masters avoid it - Photo 2.

Doan Du accidentally learned a page of Bac Minh Than Cong, who has become a person with deep internal strength. (Photo: Baidu)

Among those who practice the Northern Lights Than Gong, those who have reached the highest level include Tieu Dao Tu and his successor, Wu Yazi. Huu Truc was only taught by Vo Nhat Tu to practice for 70 years of his cultivation in Bac Minh Than Cong, and later, Thien Son Dong Lao showed him how to use Bac Minh True Qi to use internal force. And Doan Du, who has a predestined relationship with this martial art, has only learned the first page. But thanks to Bac Minh Than Cong, Doan Du has become a master with deep internal strength thanks to the absorption of Cuu Ma Tri’s internal energy.

Although it is a superior inner martial art, Bac Minh Than Cong still has limitations such as: “If the enemy’s internal strength is stronger than me, that is, the sea flows back into rivers and lakes, extremely dangerous, must be very careful.” , or “The inner gong of the sect is the opposite of other sects, those who have ever practiced the inner gong must forget all that they have learned in order to focus on practicing the new gong, if confused, the two gong against each other. He immediately vomited blood madly, the meridians were broken, extremely dangerous.”

In other words, Northern Lights Divine Art is not used to deal with people with higher internal strength than themselves. Therefore, characters with weak internal strength, if they practice this martial art, are like finding a place to die.

Huyen Minh Than Chuong

Huyen Minh Than Chuong is the master of the toxic sound law that appears in the work Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky, created by Bach Tan Daoist. At first, Huyen Minh Than Chuong was said to be lost, but then appeared two people, Hac But Ong and Loc Truong Khac, a pair of brothers with the nickname Huyen Minh Nhi Lao, the famous 1 black and 1 Bach who could use the martial arts. this martial art.

Kim Dung's 3 most tasteless martial arts skills: Superior power, but many masters stay away - Photo 3.

Huyen Minh Than Chuong is a deadly cold martial art and it can be harmful to practitioners. (Photo: Baidu)

Blood Minh Than Chuong is the most unique cold martial art. It uses welding gas and toxins to produce toxic welding. People who are hit by Huyen Minh Than’s Power will find their whole body cold as ice, suffering from the destruction of their internal organs and dying. The only way to neutralize Huyen Minh Than Chuong is to use yang qi.

In “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky” when Truong Vo Ky was a child, he was hit by Huyen Minh Than Chuong, although he was protected by internal force by Truong Tam Phong and treated by the god of medicine, Ho Thanh Nguu, but still could not be resolved. It was not until later that when he had the opportunity to practice Cuu Duong Than Cong, Vo Ky was able to neutralize all the cold poison in his body.

However, those who want to practice Huyen Minh Than Chuong will have to pay the price due to the cold poison, they will destroy their beauty, temperament, and even cause them to lose their lives. It can be seen that Huyen Minh Than Chuong, similar to Bac Minh Than Cong, can cause harm to the user.

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