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4 reasons why babies cry when meeting strangers mothers need to know

There are many reasons why crying baby, possibly because of illness or fear. However, in some specific cases such as seeing a stranger, the baby suddenly bursts into tears, at this time the mother should be more concerned about the reason behind.

Ms. Le just gave birth to a baby last October. She rarely takes her children out for a walk, most of the time at home taking care of the baby. Recently, when the weather warmed up and flowers bloomed, she began to think about taking her children outside to interact with nature. She hoped this might spark curiosity, improve intelligence for your child.

When she sees a stranger, the baby suddenly cries loudly, not superstition, but the mother must know these 4 reasons - Photo 1.

Her son Le burst into tears when being held by a stranger. (Illustration)

By chance one day, Ms. Le was pushing her cart for a walk in the park when a group of women were dancing. Seeing the baby lying on the stroller so cute, everyone gathered to look and talk.

At first, the baby is very happy to see people. This is the first time the baby has been exposed to so many strangers since birth. One of these people asked the mother’s permission to hold the baby for a bit. When the baby faced this aunt, she suddenly burst into tears, clutching her mother’s arms tightly and refusing to let go.

Seeing the baby’s reaction like this, the aunt said: “It seems the baby is afraid of me“. Hearing that, Ms. Le felt embarrassed, so she coaxed her son and said: “It’s not, auntie. My baby is going out for the first time, she is not used to the environment so she is unfamiliar with everything, seeing all these strangers is inevitable.“.

Why do babies suddenly cry when they see strangers?

Babies cry for many different reasons, not superstitions, but mothers should pay attention to the following 4 things:

1. Recognize strangers and acquaintances

Mother is the person the baby feels closest to. After 3 months, babies begin to recognize which are strangers and which are acquaintances.

Newborns with poor memory, faced with all the new things around, do not store information in their brains except for their mothers. Therefore, when meeting unfamiliar faces, especially those with a fierce appearance, the child’s instinctive reaction is often to cry or avoid.

When she sees a stranger, the baby suddenly cries loudly, not superstition, but the mother must know these 4 reasons - Photo 2.


2. Too many people

Most babies and young children are kept at home by their parents. Going out can cause children to catch a cold, being exposed to pathogenic bacteria or suddenly going to crowded places all make children feel uncomfortable.

In particular, children will feel scared when too many people gather in front of them, all of which are completely unfamiliar faces. In some cases, strangers want to hug or pet, which makes the child feel threatened. Crying is a baby’s defense response.

3. Strange smell

The vision and hearing of infants and young children are still relatively poor, and from a physiological perspective, the sense of smell is very sensitive. Therefore, children easily recognize the smell of their mother, just being away from the mother’s arms will make them insecure and afraid. When being held by a stranger, children will immediately recognize it.

crying baby - Photo 3.


4. Personal aesthetic

Don’t think young children are ignorant, they also have their own preferences. When children see cute, friendly, happy faces, children will laugh. Conversely, if they see unfamiliar or unfamiliar faces, the child will consider them safe. In particular, if it is someone with a fierce appearance, the child will cry in fear.

Mothers should pay attention when taking their children out, in contact with many people. When the child is too young, it is best not to let strangers hold or hug, this is very dangerous for the health of the child. In the case of older children, from about 3 years old onwards, parents should take their children out often so that they can boldly and confidently communicate with people. ly-do-nay-2022042019225035.chn

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