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5 groups of long-term sequelae due to Covid-19

The Ministry of Health is expected to issue an additional circular soon Covid-19 to the list of occupational diseases. Currently, 5 main groups of sequelae due to this group A infectious disease have been identified.

Exchange of information on the sidelines of a scientific conference on health career and environment held in Hanoi today 21/4, Doctor Nguyen Dinh Trung, Head of the Department of Occupational Diseases, Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health (Ministry of Health), said that the Ministry of Health is collecting opinions and proposing pathologies. Covid-19 is a newly added disease in the group of occupational diseases.

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Health workers are at risk of being infected with Covid-19 during their participation in epidemic prevention and control


“The Ministry of Health is completing the explanation and consulting with ministries and sectors on the draft circular adding Covid-19 to the group of occupational diseases. When approved, this is the 35th recognized occupational disease. Up to now, 37 countries have recognized Covid-19 as an occupational disease,” said Dr. Trung.

Health workers at risk of occupational diseases

According to the latest draft, the Ministry of Health does not stipulate the injury rate of people with Covid-19 without sequelae, but only determines occupational diseases for cases with sequelae after 6 months of Covid-19 infection. and assessed to exclude other relevant factors.

With the specified criteria, the proportion of people identified with an occupational disease caused by Covid-19 accounts for about 5-10%.

Doctor Trung also shared that when it is determined as an occupational disease, depending on the condition of the patient, the patient will be Health Insurance Fund pay.

According to the Institute of Health and Medical Environment, adding occupational Covid-19 to the list of occupational diseases entitled to social insurance is extremely necessary and urgent. Covid-19 is now group A infectious diseases, the risk is at the level of a global pandemic; there are often new variants, the rate of transmission is very high in society, especially the frontline forces involved in epidemic prevention.

Recently, more than 10,000 people were infected with Covid-19 while participating in epidemic prevention and control work.

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