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9th grade female student sexually assaulted in Son La: What did the school say?

Recently, on social networks, the clip has been buzzing 9th grade female student suspected of being assaulted by a group of people after drinking alcohol.

On the afternoon of April 21, the leader of the People’s Committee of Chieng Khoang commune (Son La province) said that he had confirmed the family’s denunciation about the abuse of his daughter. According to the family, the group abused their daughter after eating and drinking with them.

The case is still being actively investigated by the police. According to the newspaper Vietnamese people, currently detained 6 people related to this incident for further investigation. In which 4 people in this group had sex with the victim, while the other 2 were outside watching and using their phones to record clips.

The clip, after being posted, received many angry comments from the online community about the animal behavior of the above group.

According to the newspaper Justice and Society, a female student studying at a secondary school in Muong Giang commune. A school representative said: “The school has not had a specific grasp of the incident, we also heard that it was a 9th grade female student studying at the school. The incident happened on a holiday.”

Currently, the case is still receiving much attention from the online community.



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