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A push for HAGL

HAGL got the first 1 point, scoring the goal in 2 matches against 2 very strong teams from Japan and Australia. It will be a very positive boost for Kiatisak’s teachers and students if they actively absorb and adjust from the lessons at AFC. Champions League.

Frankly, a lot of fans were surprised and satisfied with HAGL’s impressive performance in the first 2 matches at the World Cup. AFC Champions League. Coach Kiatisak’s teachers and students clearly did not agree to pave the road, when they only lost close to Yokohama F.Marinos and drew Sydney FC in the match forcing the opponent to gather defensively for most of the second half. It is a very positive image if you look at it. into an unstable performance, as well as the feeling of “bored” Soccer” of HAGL stars revealed after the first 4 rounds of V-League 2022.

Cong Phuong (right) breaks through Sydney’s defense


Obviously, returning to the AFC Champions League after 17 years is a huge morale boost. Coach Kiatisak always consider bringing HAGL to play in the top arena on this continent as “back home”, while many mountain stars – both domestic and foreign – see this as a good opportunity to show their talents before the giants. continental giant. The fact that HAGL scores every match against the representatives of Japan and Australia is commendable. But obviously, the result of 1 point after 2 matches also clearly shows the limitations of coach Kiatisak’s teachers and students.

Before Sydney FC, when midfielder Kim Dong-su left the field in pain, their defense system revealed a gap where former player Van Viet tried his best but could not immediately have the best performance after a long time. long period of reserve. All 3 goals HAGL received from the beginning of the tournament came from fixed situations, or the opponent took advantage of the air battle phase. Mauricio is integrating very quickly and playing with more and more confidence. But Kim Dong-su’s pain will pose a big challenge for coach Kiatisak when their number of backup central defenders besides Van Viet is only Dong Trieu and Duc Luong who have no physical advantage. In addition, Baiano also needed more time to integrate into the general gameplay, making HAGL’s ball performance still not up to speed and smoothness as expected.

Coach Kiatisak can be pleased to see the weakness revealed thanks to the pressure and very high level of play of the opponent. As a man of strategy, believe that he will know how to arrange people and how to play appropriately. The most important thing is that goals like Van Thanh’s will bring great psychological relief. Cong Phuong, Van Toan, Tuan Anh, Hong Duy… are all playing in better form, becoming more and more confident against tall opponents.

The VFF’s hot reward of 200 million dong after the performance against Sydney FC is a great morale. That will be the basis for coach Kiatisak to continue aiming for the goal of scoring points against Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. And certainly, spectators at Thong Nhat Stadium can rest assured that even though they need points, HAGL will not play ugly football, but will always perform confident and attractive football with rapid ball movements. like the second half against Sydney FC. That will be the biggest gain in the return to the AFC Champions League playground.

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