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About 23 years old

I’m a western girl, just graduated from university, majoring in chemical engineering. I have to shoulder a lot of household chores.

I had just graduated from school when I encountered an epidemic. At the end of 2021, I went to Saigon with many desires. I work for a Taiwanese company. I have a dream, a capacity, but only work with a basic salary and have to work 12-hour shifts, so I always think I can’t work overtime forever. After two months of probation I quit. After the last Tet, I applied for a sales job at a company, not very professional, but working during office hours, the second year sales are only counted, now I only receive a hard salary. Working in this environment, I feel constrained, mainly in the office.

>> Almost 30 years old, I am still controlled by my father

I am carrying a lot of things because I am the eldest sister in the family. With my hard salary, I can’t do that. I asked to return to my old company, but the recruitment quota was exhausted. I do not appreciate the opportunity I had, before I also dreamed a lot while my family needed finance. I’m still struggling in the vortex I created, but I can’t get out. The pressure of money is too great, every time I call home, I am most afraid to talk about money, seeing my parents in economic poverty also makes me very sad. I was very sad, not long after graduating from school, I changed jobs in several places.


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