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America: Forcing the bride to put marijuana in the wedding food

CNN On April 21, it was reported that bride Danya Shea Svoboda, 42, and her waiter Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant, 31, were charged with gross negligence, transporting marijuana and violating Florida’s Anti-Counterfeiting Act. under arrest warrant.

Reportedly, Ms. Svoboda “agreed and allowed Ms. Bryant to prepare food with cannabis without the attendees’ knowledge, leaving many people seriously ill and in need of medical attention”.

When Seminole County police arrived at the wedding venue on February 19, many party guests were being treated “for symptoms similar to those of illegal drug use.”

Some guests reported feeling “high”, “euphoric” while others felt “strange, itchy, uncomfortable and extremely dry mouth” after eating food at the wedding.

America: Forcing the bride to add marijuana to the wedding food - Photo 1.

Bride Danya Shea Svoboda (left) and hostess Joycelyn Montrinice Bryant. Photo: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

When an officer asked Ms Svoboda and her husband Andrew Svoboda if they requested or consented to the use of cannabis in their food, Mr Svoboda simply “stared at the officer with a blank expression on his face for a few moments. seconds before stammering ‘No'” – excerpt of arrest report.

Authorities collected food and glassware from the wedding venue, including a beer, lasagna and desserts. According to the filing, the lasagna later tested positive for marijuana.

Tests showed that the urine of three wedding guests was positive for marijuana. One guest told investigators that after realizing she was “high,” she asked the bride, “Did you put cannabis in the olive oil?” Ms. Svoboda replied: “Yes” and even expressed excitement. However, another guest texted Svoboda to ask what was going on, and the bride replied: “We don’t know.” According to court records, both Ms Svoboda and Bryant will be charged in June.

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