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Appearing at the same time two Vietnam Blockchain Alliance

Recently, two organizations named ‘Vietnam Blockchain Alliance’ announced the launch event at almost the same time, making the public skeptical.

On April 19, the launching event of the Vietnam Blockchain Union – Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU) and a seminar Chance economic development Number of Nations and Mighty Aspiration took place in HCMC. Here, the speakers discussed different perspectives on Vietnam’s opportunities in the race to develop the national digital economy and legal issues in international digital asset disputes.

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Invitation letter for 2 events to launch Vietnam Blockchain Alliance only 2 days apart

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However, on the morning of April 21, the launching ceremony of another organization named Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU) took place at the International Convention Center – ICC (Hanoi). This alliance belongs to the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA), which was born on December 26, 2021.

Responding to inquiries from media agencies, the Vietnam Blockchain Alliance revealed the full name of the legal entity on the registration paper business is Vietnam Blockchain Alliance Co., Ltd.

Meanwhile, the organization affiliated to VDCA was originally named Blockchain Club (BCU) according to the Establishment Decision No. 46/QD-HTTS signed on December 26, 2021 by Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong – Chairman of the Vietnam Digital Media Association. Nam – VDCA signed and stamped. Currently, the organization named Vietnam Blockchain Union and also has the English abbreviation VBU (Vietnam Blockchain Union) as the unit in Ho Chi Minh City announced its launch 2 days before.

According to the introduction, this organization has the mission of “implementing the function of gathering and connecting organizations and individuals to research, apply, invest, build policies on Blockchain, including state agencies and regions. private sector to share knowledge, experience and solutions, towards the common goal of developing and effectively applying Blockchain to the digital economy, contributing to the national digital transformation.” Blockchain Alliance Co., Ltd Vietnam asserting that the two units “do not duplicate brand names, are completely independent and have no relation”.

However, the two organizations have relatively similar visions and missions. Vietnam Blockchain Alliance was established with the slogan “A Smarter Way to Create Value”, effectively connecting and accompanying organizations, enterprise Blockchain with the support and cooperation of the world’s leading network of expert advisory boards on Blockchain and related fields.

Meanwhile, the slogan of the organization under VDCA is “Building Smarter Societies”. This VBU has an advisory board consisting of many members from ministries, branches, University and large technology enterprises in Vietnam.

Appearing at the same time two Vietnamese Blockchain Alliances - photo 2

Dr. Dang Minh Tuan, President of VBU of VDCA speaking at the launch ceremony held on the morning of April 21 (Hanoi)


Exchange with Youth On the sidelines of the Alliance launching event in Hanoi on the morning of April 21, Dr. Dang Minh Tuan, Chairman of VBU (under VDCA) confirmed that the unit established in Ho Chi Minh City is a one-member limited liability company. “Therefore, this cannot be an “alliance” despite using this name, and at the same time will have to operate under corporate law,” said Mr. Minh Tuan. Meanwhile, the VBU where Mr. Minh Tuan is currently the chairman is “a community social organization that does not operate according to regulations related to enterprise should be different in nature”.

This leader believes that the intentional naming of businesses in Ho Chi Minh City will cause confusion and create a negative impact on the market, businesses as well as participants in the Blockchain field.

According to the share from VBU (VDCA), the aforementioned VBU company was established by a leader who was a member of the Union but due to a violation of the regulations, he was punished by expulsion from the organization. “After receiving the decision of expulsion, this person set up VBU company in Ho Chi Minh City, although not in the name of the legal representative, in the board of directors of this business, there is a former member of the group. office”, Mr. Tuan added.

Website of VBU (VDCA) on April 15 posted a bulletin about “impersonating the Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU) under VDCA” to talk more about the existence of organizations and individuals using this name, and at the same time publicize the list of Executive Board, Advisory Board of the organization.

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